Crystal Clear Digital Marketing – Charlatans Duping Customers: Review 2023

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Health care facilities handle huge amounts of data and information including patients’ and employees’ records. Technology promises to ensure that health care facilities can handle such information at ease. Computer software are immune to human errors, can be updated in real time among numerous other benefits. Health care facilities can also use computer software to market their products and communicate with customers through the integration with social media platforms. Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC is a company that claims to design computer software that would revolutionize the operations of healthcare facilities. 

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC was founded by the current CEO Tim Sawyer. The company has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The company operates mainly through its official website which is

Services offered by the company 

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The company has various technologies which are meant to cater for differing needs of the customers. The Social Patient Center (SPC) is the company’s main software. The software offers integrated marketing and lead generation features as demonstrated on the company’s website. The software enables the client to increase revenues and streamline the billing process. The SPC also has an integrated calendar management system. The system allows healthcare facilities to track patients’ whereabouts and send automated appointment reminders. 

Companies in various sectors have embraced digital marketing to increase customer base and boost their sales. Since numerous people in the world have access to at least one social media platform, health facilities see such platforms as the next frontier for increased revenues. The company also claims to assist customers to adopt digital marketing technologies. The company therefore offers various digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing for medical professionals and web design among other services. 

Workplace culture

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Technology companies employ various professionals including web designers and programmers among others. A company’s culture is determined by how well it treats its employees. Various employees have worked for the company and their views and experiences can be used to evaluate the working environment created by the company. According to a former employee, the company’s employees are encouraging and accommodative. The employee demonstrated that the CEO was friendly and assisted the employees whenever they faced challenges. Another employee claimed that the company’s working environment was great. However, the employee claimed that opportunity for professional growth was limited. Opportunities for growth are critical in motivating employees and ensure that they enhance their professional skills. Lack of such opportunities mean that it is hard to be promoted and gain additional experience

Employees should be allocated reasonable workloads and paid amounts that coincide with the amount of work they perform. According to another employee, the company is extremely understaffed hence the amount of work is extremely high as compared to the staff. The limited number of employees are therefore overworked to ensure that the entity meets its goals. Additionally, the employee complained that the company underpays its employees. Other employees also claimed that they worked for the company for no pay

One of the benefits of the company highlighted by employees was the ability to work remotely. An employee claimed that the company allows employees to work from their homes and submit weekly reports. However, the employee claimed that the company embraced favoritism when promoting employees. Employees who are closely related to top managers were more likely to be promoted. The employee also affirmed that the company really underpaid its employees. A different employee also claimed that the company failed to provide medical cover to its employees. Based on the comments of the employees, the company fails to motivate its employees through competitive salaries and opportunities to grow their skills. Favoritism in appointments also negatively affects employees’ morale

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Quality of services offered

The company promises that customers can be assured that the technological services offered will enable them interact better with customers and increase sales. High quality services means that the company meets its promise. A previous customer claimed that they contracted the company to re-design the company’s website hence attract more customers and enhance the company’s online presence. The customer claimed that the company’s contact person was the CEO and the project ran between 2018 and 2019. The customer was really disappointed with the services offered. The customer claimed that the company re-designed the website but it was not to the expected standards. The company ended-up terminating the contract. The re-designed website failed to meet the number of leads and site traffic expected. The customer also complained that the company failed to consider their needs and preferences

Another customer also had similar complaints. The customer contracted the company to create a website for their medical company. The customer paid a down-payment of the service which amounted to USD6,000. Four months later, the company had not delivered any website ( The company claimed that it could only create the website if the customer paid the entire amount which was contrary to the previous agreement. The customer desperately paid the remaining amount. A month later, the company delivered a website to the customer. However, the customer claimed that the website was extremely below the expected quality. The customer was ready to give the company a chance to improve the standards and therefore requested for changes on the design.

The company refused to make the requested changes and suggested that they could only make the changes if the customer made the website live. The customer made the website live as requested and the company still refused to make the required changes. The customer later discovered that the company had stated that its contract ended when the website went live. The customer therefore claimed that the company pushed him into making the website live mainly to evade making the changes, which can be considered unethical. 

How much does the company Charge? 

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Since the company is a profit-making business, it is expected to charge its customers for services offered. The company is therefore expected to charge reasonable prices which are also in-line with the services offered. The company does not provide prices for any of its services on its official website. The prices can only therefore be determined by considering how much previous customers were charged. The customer who contracted the company for a website claimed to have paid between USD10,000 and USD50,0000 ( According to the customer, the costs were extremely higher than the services received. The company has a score of 1 out of 5 on cost of services in The company’s services have been reported to lead to a monetary loss of US $120000. Majority of the customers claimed that the company’s services are extremely expensive. Customers have also reported that the company charges the entire amount even before doing any work. Majority of the customers have demonstrated that the websites created by the company did not lead to any improvement in revenues hence the costs are more than the expected incomes. 

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Communication with customers

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Good companies communicate effectively with their customers. Companies should ensure that the communication process is efficient and customers are handled with respect. The company under consideration mainly communicate to customers through its website, emails and conference calls. According to a customer, the company communicates through emails and conference calls. However, the customer claimed that the communication process is one-way since the company does not listen to the issues and concerns of the customers. The customer felt that email communication is ineffective as the company delayed to reply to the emails. 

Majority of employees felt that the company had created a reliable internal communication system. Most employees were happy with the ease of communication between the management and low-level employees. The company adopts a team mechanism where employees interact effectively and work together to solve particular issues. 

The company has accounts in various social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. The company’s Facebook account however is less active as the last post was made on June 24th 2020 ( The company has only 16 follows on Facebook which shows that the company is unpopular. Some customers have claimed that the company does not disclose all important information to customers. For example, the company does not inform customers that releasing the website live would mark the end of the contract between the company and the customer. Failure to disclose such information shows that the company is deceitful. 

Can you trust the company with your data and information?

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Health care facilities are delicate and customers’ data and information should not be exposed to unreliable third parties. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) protects sensitive patient health data and information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent. Releasing patient data and information to unauthorized users can therefore lead to prosecution. The company claims to enhance the website and social media platforms of customers hence might come across vital patient and data. A customer claimed that the company diverted customers’ traffic from the official website of the customer to undisclosed website. The customer therefore registered decreasing number of customers. The company would have acted in good faith and use customers’ data and information for the purpose under the agreement. Diverting customers’ traffic is unethical and contrary to the agreement between the two parties. Based on the customers’ complaint, it can be concluded that patients’ data and information are not fully safe with the company. The company can use the data provided for reasons beyond the agreement which compromises the security of the data. The company does not also provide a commitment to ensure the security of patients’ data and information in its website. 

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Does the company operate under different names?

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The company operates under different names according to various customers. According to a customer, the customer was introduced to the company through his EMR company known as Patient Now. Patient Now claimed to have purchased Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC Additionally, the company’s official LinkedIn platform states that Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC changed its name to RxMarketing ( A company can use different names due to various factors including re-branding or hiding some important information. In the case under consideration, the company has used different confusing names which creates a lot of suspicion. The company uses different names under different circumstances to attract different customers and confuse customers who might have heard negative news concerning the company. A customer claimed that the company does go by different names as that’s how he was “caught up in their scheme”. The company’s use of different names is therefore viewed to raise more question marks concerning the legitimacy of the entity.  

What is a Red Flag? 

A red flag serves as a signal or sign that there may be an underlying issue or danger associated with a company’s stock, financial statements, or news reports. These indicators can come in many forms and are often identified by analysts or investors as any notable undesirable trait.

Does the company provide refunds?


The company does not provide a clear refund policy in its website. Additionally, most customers have claimed that the company failed to not only to deliver the expected quality of services but also failed to refund customers who were dissatisfied with the services offered. The company requires customers to pay the entire amount as opposed to deposit which is unprofessional. Lack of a refund system makes the customers pay for services even if they were not satisfied with the services. Customers are therefore at a disadvantage for using the company’s services. 

3.3Expert Score

Crystal Clear Digital Marketing, LLC promises to create technological systems and databases that would ensure health care facilities embrace digital marketing. The company also provides various other services including re-designing clients’ websites. Comments of previous customers have demonstrated that the company fails to meet the promises made. Customers have complained of being over-charged and under-served. Additionally, employees have complained of being over-worked and under-paid. The company also uses customers’ data and information to divert customers from the customers’ official website hence cannot be entrusted with delicate customer data and information. The company does not provide refunds and operates under different names which makes the company more suspicious. The company also withholds some information when communicating with customers which is later used against the customers. For example, the customer is not told that allowing the website to go live would mark the end of the contract hence the company cannot do more changes. Such information is only displayed on the company’s website. The analysis was based entirely on views and comments of customers and employees hence might be biased. 

Customer Satisfaction
  • Good Pitch
  • Strong Sales
  • Do not deliver as promised
  • Lack of Experience
  • Unskilled


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