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AccuQuest Hearing Centers
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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of the audiology and hearing health field because accurate hearing can profoundly impact quality of life. Our goal is to be the premier audiology and hearing health care provider in the country. That means providing not only the most technically accurate hearing evaluations, care recommendations, and hearing aid fittings, but the most satisfying patient-care experience as well.

At AccuQuest Hearing Centers, our purpose is to help each of our patients receive: complete, high quality hearing evaluation; education; consultation and hearing health care. We dispense only the hearing aid solution that best matches our patients needs, lifestyle and budget.

We’re confident you will feel the difference as you walk into one of our offices. We’ve designed the patient-care experience around how we would like our own loved-ones to be treated. This is natural for us, since every member of the core management team—including the founders—has either experienced hearing loss personally or has close family with hearing loss.

It’s exciting to be able to help our own families. It’s gratifying to be able to help yours.

Customer Care Ethic

The biggest AccuQuest Advantage is in our customer care. We hope to meet every need that comes through our doors. In order to succeed, we need a great staff, great facilities, and great hearing technology to provide great service.with the results.

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hearing aids (9/29/15)

i was sold hearing aids and told the dr would make them right no matter what. I have made 4 trips to the office a drive of 55 miles and last time waited over 1 1/2 hours while other people with later appointments were taken ahead of me. The hearing aids cost $6900 and I was financed before I could leave the office with care credit and Wells Fargo and I feel like he was paid immediately that day probably. He said to me no refunds were available. I think this dr. Is a fast talker like a used care salesman ripping off the elderly. I know of no other medical office that will finance from their office. I am 94 years old please help me get this debt cancelled.  View Gripe »