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The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Ace Hardware are typically related to home improvement returns, customer service interactions, receipts, product quality, and recalls on various home improvement parts. The most typically discussed products are grills, lawn mowers, appliances, lighting, and machined parts like screws, nails, saws, and hammers.

The Ace Hardware Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Ace Hardware has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

Ace Hardware does not currently have a Google+ account.

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  2. Home Depot - 43 issues
  3. Fry's Electronics - 1 issues
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Key Duplication (3/22/17)

Used the device to determine if a spare key could be duplicated from the original. Yes, but only buying a $80 key to duplicate. When returning to my car, after determining spare key worked, the remote functions on the original key NO LONGER WORKED! Told salesperson; who insisted it had nothing to do with duplicating the key. SAY WHAT?!? My remote functions worked perfectly before the duplication process, and immediately following the process did NOT WORK AT ALL! Now i have 2 keys that open the driver door and work in the ignition.... GREAT! But no remote functions (including a PANIC button) make me wish i had not had this done!!!!!  View Gripe »

Internal Pipe wrench (8/4/16)

This product failed upon first use. The teeth stripped right off of it! I am a professional plumber who knows how to use tools properly; I had even read the instructions to make sure this particular model didn't require some new protocol. The product is, in a word, junk. I had to cut open the wall so that I could use a regular pipe wrench to extract the pipe from the fitting. When I finished the job, four hours later, the store said they wouldn't refund my money even though I had the receipt. I could understand this policy for something like bolt cutters, or some other tool that a customer wants to use, not actually buy, but this tool was clearly defective. The snotty clerk and manager didn't even inspect the tool, just repeated their store policy and said they wouldn't stand behind the product they sell. Nicollet hardware in Minneapolis was my favorite hardware store ten years ago, but their customer service has become so bad lately that I won't be back.  View Gripe »

Peg Board (3/5/16)

Customer Service guy made me feel belittled because I asked for his help. He ever told me I needed to speak up because he couldn't hear me (earpiece in his ear). Then said the prices are on the wall, which he couldn't seem to find either. REALLY! I will drive the 10 miles to LOWE'S.  View Gripe »

iwatch (12/23/15)

im pist  View Gripe »

Over priced, bad customer service (6/10/15)

I agree with many of the negative comments here and would like to add my own. First of all Ace is GREATLY overpriced on most items that can be found cheaper at Lowes or Home Depot. Secondly, I suppose because Ace is more of your "Mom & Pop" type of hardware store, employees have a tendency to act like they know you and often speak to you in a very unprofessional way. On my last visit the fellow who "somewhat" assisted me not only assumed it was ok to use profanity during our conversation, but also reminded me that the store was closing in 40 min so I might "wanna hurry it up a bit" so he could leave on time. I mean who says that to their customers??? I don't remember his name but ALL the employees at the Ace Hardware located on Main St. Rising Sun, MD are rude, lazy and could really care less about YOU as they are always too caught up in themselves to really care about anything else but their paycheck & quitting time.  View Gripe »

lost a customer (6/10/15)

I hardly ever go to ACE and this month I gave it a try and bought some ACE nail-on glides packages. I used one and didn't liked how they work. I took the other unopened packages back and unfortunately I didn't have the receipt. The lady at the counter asked for my reward card which I neve had. I was like come on they are ACE brand and why can't u just give me store credit but no sir it is store policy was her answer. My only and last time doing business with ACE hardware.  View Gripe »

Big Hassle (6/10/15)

I bought some trap adapters at a store in my town. Had some extras and I stopped by a different ace. I was told I had to take them back to the store I purchased them from. Ace policy. As a general contractor this is a huge hassle. Ill be a loyal home depot customer again.  View Gripe »

Wouldn't honor promotion (6/10/15)

Hello recently tried to use promo on the flyer i received on irwin 7,3/4 circular saw blades went to 2 different stores told me were not set up to honor the ace rewards card this happen in North Carolina on route 150 and over in Clemmons why print it on flyer then not honor it ?  View Gripe »

Poor Customer Service (6/10/15)

I live in garden City Kansas and ace hardware has been here for a long time time for its employees to know how to use and make keys you had four employees standing around doing nothing and goofing off the one person that was trying to help me with keys did not know what he was doing he did the keys three times and did not get it right it was a wast of my time I was there 30 min for nothing it was the night of November 14the 2014 about 730 pm Kansas time I left went to Walmart they got my three keys made right the first time took them 5 min thanks Gary Harley your employees need to be ree trand was not good and was not the first time I felt this way I gess they think there they for a pay check and not doing there job  View Gripe »

Wouldn't honor their policy (6/10/15)

There policy states 30 days. I went back within 24hrs. Spoke with the same cashier on both days and still couldn't get a refund. I well never go, what a mistake I made in thinking they would bee the ones to help. NOT.......  View Gripe »