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Category: Men's And Boy's Clothing, Nec
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Is your athletic apparel not holding up? Here is the information on everything you need to know about how Adidas handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks forAdidas are typically related to men's and women's clothing, shoes, athletic gear, soccer products, customer service interactions, sizing, returns, charges, and styles.

The Adidas Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature, usually featuring deals. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Adidas has a company brand Twitter handle which is occasionally used for Customer Service, and is fairly active.

The Adidas Google+ seems to be similar to their Facebook page, featuring specials and deals. It has a large following, and is verified.

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Customer Service (2/7/16)

I bought a ball soccer from adidas in sugar land, Texas. Right 59 and high way 6. I swear , I never ever use it, and I return it, a Man and a girl don't let me return, they look around the ball and saw a little small of paint and they said I can not return. And I request them change other one like shoes, clothes, but they don't accept too. When you come to return or change, their face are not fun. I never see this before. I live in America, I never was refused. I don't understand why adidas let their agent do so. Never buy adidas again  View Gripe »

miAdidas D Rose Shoes (1/25/16)

My son created a customized pair of miAdidas D Rose basketball shoes for his Christmas present this past year. The shoes were entirely themed for the Chicago Bulls but when they were delivered they had a New Orleans Pelicans lace jewel on them, which is definitely not what he wanted. I have been in contact with customer service, having sent photos and proof of purchase to no avail. Their response (when they can be bothered to respond) is that he ordered the Pelicans and they can't provide new lace jewels. Needless to say his Christmas present is ruined in his eyes.  View Gripe »

telephone call (7/10/15)

i have been having issues ordering online, I called Adidas and was advised as they have not been notifed of any online issues it must be my computer??? I advised I am calling to advise of issue when trying to place order I was advised that hopefully it will work soon??????? I advised this has been ongoing for 45 minutes I asked to speak to a supervisor and was advised no! I hung up phone and now adidas has lost a sale of over £200  View Gripe »

Predator Absolado Instinct AG Boots (4/23/15)

I bought these boots for my 10 year old son on the 25th February 2015 and I am very upset the the cleats at the front of the boots have totally worn down. My son has 3 pairs of Adidas boots which he wears alternatively and the other 2 pairs are still perfect. I paid €55 for them and I am shocked the lasted not even 2 months. He has been playing football for 6 years and always wears Adidas but I will think again after this.  View Gripe »

shoes/apparel (4/3/15)

Walked into the store. Employees walked by me and didn't speak or welcome me into the store. I immediately walk back out. Won't get a dime from me.  View Gripe »

Adidas Tiro Teambag (3/31/15)

We bought 18 teambags of Adidas Tiro. Within 6 months the bags are run-down and broken. The store we bought it from says the cannot do anything for us! Our Futsal Team wears Adidas Teamkit, Pres suits, polo's, shoes and tiro teambags. I'm disappointed Adidas couldn't do anything for me.  View Gripe »