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Creative Cloud (11/16/16)

Please, be aware about Adobe practices. I did the subscription for ONE YEAR and when I tried to cancel after 1 year, they wanted me to pay 50% of the next term. Because the AUTOMATICALLY RENEW MY PLAN!!! My original plan was to stop the plan for some months and than sign up again. But now, I WILL NEVER EVER do any kind of business with Adobe.  View Gripe »

Creative Cloud (10/4/16)

Bring older and on medication for a disability I occasionally make mental errors and somehow my Above Creative Cloud went ftom trial status to full time. I have been charged for four months and I haven't used it and don't want it. I called to cancel and get my money back and the person from the calling center in India demanded 79 dollars for a cancelation fee. If he hadn't been the rudest customer service rep I have ever encountered I might have paid the fee. Instead I'm going to rant on line!  View Gripe »

billing (2/25/16)

Ongoing battle with Adobe the billing from hell, keep overbilling, but no success  View Gripe »

over billing again (2/20/16)

I griped a month ago with you about adobe over billing, it got fixed and now they are back at it , overbilling me , theses guys wear me hout  View Gripe »

over charge on monthly billiing (1/18/16)

Adobe for the last two months have double charged me on my monthly rate. I called and ask them to fix it and Adobe has not. I talk to some person in India who know nothing what I am talking about. I down graded to a lower cost plan last week, now I am charged again on top of the double charge. I am located in KY. Adobe service continues to degrade when I need help or billing issues fixed.  View Gripe »

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 15.009 20069 (11/7/15)

The adobe acrobat reader DC 15.009 20069 showed up on my PC as a important update so i selected it , it restarted my pc and my PC could no longer detect my hard drive, even my Installation disk will not run correctly. I purchased another 250g seagate and installed windows 7 ultimate , after two hours latter here is the update in my task bar agin. i would like to know what your going to do about it.  View Gripe »

Creative suite 6 (8/27/15)

I'm trying to transfer liseanse for windows to Mac and they put me on hold for so long  View Gripe »

Acrobat Pro XI (4/21/15)

So, Adobe finally answers chat after 2-1/2 hours. And because I was not sitting right in front of my computer to immediately respond to his unreasonably late, the a**hole on the other side closes out the support request. I guess that Adobe has no respect for their customer's time and think that all we have to do is sit in front of a computer screen until they get around to responding. What a bunch of A**holes.  View Gripe »

Acrobat Pro XI (4/21/15)

Continuation: I guess that Adobe is so big they don't care about a customer who pays almost $500.00 for one of their products. WTF? Even Microsoft has real live people to help you with install their software. I recommend that everyone use another PDF editor and let Adobe feel the impact of their lack of service on the bottom line. Absolutely pathetic! Adobe, while you may have created teh PDF, you are NOT the only company who has edit software out there. Your company is a big fat zero in my book. I will never use it again. I hope you go bankrupt!  View Gripe »

Acrobat Pro XI (4/21/15)

I purchased a COTS copy of this program yesterday at a local retailer. Well, when I tried to install it, it said that my code was invalid. So, I went to their website to attempt to get technical support. ALL they have is a Chat Support. So, I log onto this 'lack of' chat service. 2-1/2 hours later, I'm still waiting. I have page after page of, "We are still assisting other customers, thank you for your patience. You can also try our community forums, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week." On another tab, I tried the "community forums" nothing there for Acrobat Pro and you cannot create your own thread. So I find the corporate office phone number. I get transferred to their voice ignore support line. After an hour of waiting, some person for whom English is a second language answers. All he could tell me is that he could forward me to someone who can tell me how to access the Chat Support because only customers who purchase a support package get telephone support.  View Gripe »