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Adore Me
485 7th Avenue
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Category: Women's Accessory & Specialty Stores
Sub Category: Clothes & Apparel
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VIP Subscription (1/20/17)

I have been waiting 2+ months for my refund! The company keeps lying saying that it was sent back to my bank account which is not true! I want my money back NOW.  View Gripe »

Return Policy (2/24/16)

I ordered from the site three set of bra/panty. When I received the merchandise it was too small. The site states true to size and that is what I ordered my bra and panty size that I would usually wear in the garments if I had purchased from a department store. I called and requested a return which was granted and approved. The items were sent back, unworn and in the original packaging and shipping box within a week of receiving them. They received my returned items a week later. I waited another week and called to inquire about my refund to my bank card. At this time the CSR advised me it had yet to be processed and to call back in two weeks. I again called today to speak to a CSR about my $149.85 refund. I was informed that although the company determined the items had not been worn, they deemed them "dirty". How can they be dirty if I could barely try them on and placed them immediately back in the packaging? I was also informed I would receive neither a refund nor a…  View Gripe »

Online Clothing/Lingerie (10/14/15)

When you purchase something from they AUTOMATICALLY enter you into a $40/month membership unless you find the tiny and confusing "pay as I shop" button. The $40 goes toward "store credit" and apparently CANNOT be refunded. HELP ME!  View Gripe »