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Home Security (2/12/16)

I have had multiple issues with service and sales. One is they never followed through on fixing the smoke detector that was installed. Two I was charged a full cancellation fee even though I was told that since I was transferring service I would not be charged. I want the service cancelled and all fees waived plus my deposit back for the transfer.  View Gripe »

Bad sensor since December 22,2015 (2/12/16)

ADT has ignored, lied disregarded and failed to monitor. System went off Dec 22,2015 1149 West Dorcliff Heights RD Ashland KY 41102 Police never notified. Checking we found bad sensor despite 6 reports ADT never confirmed a tech coming till today 2/12/15 even though system is unusable with bad sensor. They also have messed up billing,(4 calls two letters) never sent the 100 for signup and refuse to take unwanted backup person off account( 4 calls). All I want is either SHUT of this Horrible company and its substandard practices or MY system fixed, billing straight sign up refund sent and unwanted person removed  View Gripe »

SECURITY (2/11/16)

Your latest rate increase pushes my monthly bill to $47.73. This is excessive for the older system with limited service I have. Please examine my amount and let me know if you insist on this new amount as I am considering discontinuing ADT and going elsewhere.  View Gripe »

Pulse Home Security (11/20/15)

ADT customer service made an agreement with me to make payments on my account and did not follow through on their agreement. $150 was charged to my account without my consent. When I called in to have this straightened out I was belittled. The rep agreed to review the tapes of the call and respond back withing 48 hours. I received no response from ADT. When. I called back in again I was given the same supervisors voicemail who did not return my call a week earlier.  View Gripe »

Home Security System (10/28/15)

I keep getting "low battery" signals for an alarm system that was installed by ADT only over a year ago. Each time (two or three times) I am told by representatives that battaries last 3-4 years. And each time the installer makes comment about the "qaulity" of the status of the battery the previous installer used. What gives? To put insult to injury, we have to give up an entire morning or afternoon away from job duties to wait for ADT --- who by the way are already at their job while we wait and wait for service "between 8 and 12" or whatever.  View Gripe »

Driver of ADT Vechile - (9/25/15)

I was on my way to work this morning when one of your employees driving an ADT logo ridden truck developed road rage when I pulled in front of him, I did not cut him off and had adequate room to do so. When I did he immediately started blowing his horn and flashing his lights. I then merged on to I-75 and there was a semi in the far right lane so I was unable to merge and had to slow way down to let the semi pass. When I went to merge onto the expressway the ADT van pulled beside me and wouldn't let me on. Finally traffic forced him to move and I was able to enter the expressway. He continued for the next 7 miles to ride behind me and flash his lights, pull up to my car and blow his horn. I tried to slow down and get behind him or speed up and get ahead of him. He would not let it go and continued to be agressive with the until I exited the expressway quickly so he couldn't follow me. I took a number off the back of the ADT van- located in the lower right corner - 282266  View Gripe »

adtportal pulse (9/21/15)

i purchased a package from this co. on 8-26-2015 with the assurance of service to accompany my needs and to this day have not gotten a suloution or any satisfaction for product offered they have given me the run around and trueley are not trying to work with me on this matter know one seems to want coop. to resolve this and the service contract is way more than specified  View Gripe »

from start to finish why you should not hire adt (9/2/15)

my first experience my job was told it would be 10 hours a month and a half later the job is still not complete to this day they have tried to overcharge my bank account by thousands of dollars which was not approved by me I had to deactivate my bank account due to their inappropriate trying to access my funds. which I was told several times would not happen again.I have numerous come to the point that I have tried to cancel and no one will return my phone call.Mr Patrick who is our district sales refuses to return my phone calls at this point.I have motion sensors cameras that they sold me.they told me which were top of the line.they show me a product that they were not knowledgeable about because it was so new.that them their self did not know how to work it.the motion cameras do not work have not work from day one had something stolen off my property.and nothing was recorded.on top of that I will add more to the story in a minute but I'm out of words at this point out of words  View Gripe »

Home Security (8/29/15)

Horrible service!! Protect Your Home ADT cancelled a service call yesterday that was made last Monday. Spent hours on the phone talking with Mary Jane, Tammy, Felicia (ID#15038), Amelia (ID#97698), Lisa (ID#102744), Antoinette, and Joshua in customer loyalty. Lisa said to sit tight at home because she saw that my service ticket was still open and that a tech would be coming (NOT TRUE). Amelia set up a new service appointment for Friday, Sept. 4, between 8-9am with a Senior Tech (THERE ARE NO SENIOR TECHS IN MY AREA, SO NOT TRUE). I found out that there are only TWO TECHS that service my area, and that they were sending the tech that could not fix my continuing panel problem, but that he has only been with the company for one year, and he may have less experience than the tech who came out the week before who didn't fix the ongoing problem! Had to wait around for two hours last night for Claudia, a Manager, to call me. She said that I have to wait until Monday for another Manager!  View Gripe »

Security systems (8/26/15)

Installation was to be $99. They have billed twice for installation, first bill $538.42 on 5/9, second charge 6/29 for $590.21. Also they have charged various amounts for monitoring, some before we even had monitoring. Bill was to be 39.99. They have charged $77.98, $59.99, and $59.99. The $77.98 charge was prior to having a system installed. This company is located in Colorado. And are installers for ADT system. They need to remove all installation charges and charge $99 once for installation. They also need to remove all monitoring charges and charge $39.99 monitoring for 6/09 and 7/09. They also need to send a letter of apology as I have been trying to get this resolove since July.  View Gripe »