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Service (4/20/17)

I bought lights for my van went out was going to change myself, came back in the store because the sign on the front door said something about lending a tool or they would help put on... so walked in and talked to the manager asked he said let me check was a smart butt from the start!! So then smarted off about do you even have a drivers license.... I thought he was kidding then smarted off again so I told him to keep his stupid tools.. I run and own my own business and would never treat a customer like that and will recommend no use the store as well. Not saying I won't buy from advanced but never again in Trenton Ga Store EVER!!  View Gripe »

Clutch (9/9/16)

This business steals from sick and poor.  View Gripe »

alternator belt (10/11/15)

My alternator belt broke after 5 yrs. of having the car so i went advance auto and bought a new one for $21.00 because it had a 3 yr. warranty but a week later that belt broke driving home from the airport, so it's somewhere on I-10 , i went back to advance auto and i was told i had to have the broken belt before they could honor the warranty. now how was i supposed to do that, if i don't know where it is. what good is it to pay the extra money if they won't honor their warranty  View Gripe »

Inappropriate (7/22/15)

My husband wanted me write in about my experience I had a couple of weeks ago.I came into the meridian I'd store to buy a set of wiper blades for my car. It was a little busy and when I was waiting I noticed horrible language from an employee and then also noticed him spitting in a soda bottle. I was taken back and then when someone asked if they could help me I said yes. Asked if the manager was in and they pointed to the person that was using profane language and chewing. I told this person that it was fine and walked out of the store then left. I felt that it was unprofessional for someone to chew tobacco in front of customers and use profane language and to find out that it was the store manager was surprising. Because of this experience I will not visit this store and I will tell all my friends about my experience.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/21/15)

I went to the store on west cypress avenue in West Mlonroe, La to buy a couple of spark plugs for my outboard. I gave the employee (Alphonso) the plug number and he pulled up on computer. He said did not have that number but had 2 that “crossed”. I told him I wanted the same plug that came out of my motor since one may be a hotter plug than the alternative, at which time he started to the back of the store. As he came back to the front I reiterated my preference and he said, “man, I don’t want to argue with you about no spark plug, I’m just trying to sell you a plug”. I told him I was not arguing with him, but just wanted the original equipment that fits in the motor.  View Gripe »

Sold a bad battery (7/20/15)

I bought a battery at store number 8937 in Detroit. I needed to get a ride there to get the battery. I get it home and put it in the car... the battery was dead! In 30 years of battery buying I have never bought a completely dead battery. They told me to bring it back. How the hell am I supposed to do that! If they took better care and checked their batteries (at least for a charge) this wouldn't have happened. I tell them that and they said, "Sir, bring the battery back." So, I am stranded but fortunately I have a battery charger and the battery is taking a charge, they are lazy and sloppy. If you buy a battery there, make the bastards check it first before you go to the trouble of installing it to find out they didn't charge it.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/19/15)

My car was slow to start. I always went to Advance Auto for my batteries. My husband died recently so I stopped in to get the battery checked. It was raining all day but I was scared because I had nobody to help me at home. It was only sprinkling when I stopped and asked the clerk to check the battery. His reply was "really, in the rain!" I said I'm having trouble. He turned with a big sigh and shaking his head to come help. I said never mind and walked out  View Gripe »

No returns (7/17/15)

Advance Auto Parts does not help out their customers!! I sent my wife to get a door handle for one of our trucks, but she got the wrong one. I went the very NEXT day to exchange it but they would not accept an exchange because I didn't have a receipt. I understand their policy, but it isn't like I wanted a total refund. I only wanted to get the correct part and exchange the product!! What really boils my blood is that I have been getting parts at this store for several years! And this is not the first time they didn't cooperate with me. The people at the Advance Auto know me on a first name basis due to the amount of parts that I bought there and they still treated me like this! I now drive 30 minutes away just to receive good service.  View Gripe »

No returns (7/16/15)

I got atf fluid for a 2012 Toyota. It calls for certain WS type and 1 gallon listed it on the label, one didn't. I went online, and found out I got the wrong type. Went back in, knowing where to get the max life that is WS compatible. Leo in Nashve wouldn't take it back. Same price, and he said other stuff was more expensive. Gonna change it out in Columbia Tn. They were nice....Leo is rude. Had his bad customer service before. Never go to hwy 100 temple rd Advance auto again. Somebody help the dude with his issues.  View Gripe »

Poor quality (7/15/15)

I purchased a slc561 caliper at shrewsbury pa, put it on my truck and had to take it back off as the brake port was not machined at all and had hardly any threads in the hole. I had to drive an extra 40 miles to dallastown to find a store with it instock. The first caliper was also not in stock at shrewsbury and i had to come back for an overnight order- more running for nothing. The brake pad backer were also not machined right and would not fit into the retainer slots. I had to grind and file off metal and burrs to get it to fit. I wasn't wasting time and gas again.the customer service people were very understanding and were a great help to me. Therefore my complaint is that the products were not carefully made and made my job harder and more costly. Please try to pay more attention to quality. Thanks!  View Gripe »