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90 Fort Wade Road, Suite 200
Ponte Vedra, FL 32081
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Garage Pick Up (4/25/17)

They don't pick up trash on the scheduled day. They don't answer phones. You are put on hold for over 20 minutes. Terrible customer service and service in general.  View Gripe »

Stateline - Garbage (3/30/16)

I think Stateline needs to stop cross crossing onto on coming traffic in Callahan fl. And stop letting the garbage fall out the back of there trucks. I've talked to the terminal manager about it and all he says is quote. I'll check on it. Very sloppy garbage company  View Gripe »

Pick up at my house (3/6/16)

Never again will I gave to deal with them. Called to report an issue. It was my right to do that. I was called a liar. All I wanted was to resove an issue, but treated like I had absolutely no right to complain. I even got called a liar because I repeated something back thto them that one of their people said to me. At least my story was consistent. I did not choose these people. They brought out the company I was using. It did't take me long to drop them. I should also mention I had to call them and remind them to pick up. I did not mention what my complaint was because I am more upset about how I was treated than my complaint.  View Gripe »

drunk employee (9/2/15)

Stateline in Callahan, fl. Part of Advanced disposal has an employee that comes in DRUNK on the job, I would like to know why he wasn't fired for coming in drunk. Lonnie Thomas told him to go home and get sobered up. The employee's first name is Doug. A slinger.  View Gripe »

customer service at Stateline disposal (8/28/15)

I would like to know advanced disposal has a employee that wants to be a real smart mouth when handling customers with Stateline Disposal. He calls himself operations manager. The next time my garbage can gets thrown in the ditch again it will have the pictures advertised all over Facebook, aol and more. So I suggest someone do something about this mr.thomas.  View Gripe »

front load delivery (6/26/15)

We are a good size company that deals with customers all the time. I recently ordered a 6 yard that toodays to deliver. I talked to a Lonnie Thomas in the callahan office and was very sarcastic!!!!k 5  View Gripe »