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Advantage Rent a Car
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Car Rental (11/19/15)

Very discontented with Advantage car rental. Picked up car on November 10 for a long distance trip. 1st car had bad rims, but supervisor in charge saw no problem with renting out to me. I insisted no, so he gave another car (upgrade), which had a nail in tire. Pointed this out so another car was offered... a chevrolet. Drove that one off the lot and realized 3/4 of the way home that the brakes were bad. Called the 1800 number on my receipt and filed a complaint. Then called the local office, but no pick up, so left message. Of course, no call back. Drove back to the hartsfield Jackson airport location and met the supervisor who didn't even apologize for renting out a car with bad brakes. Then turns around and offers me the car with the nail in the tire? Of course, I didn't take that so a jetta was finally offered. Returned car on the 16 but supervisor on duty was out. Was told he'd call the next day, but no call. I need to be compensated for the inconvenience these people put me thru.  View Gripe »

Car Rental (7/6/15)

Hi. I tried to book a reservation. You guys had the most reasonable rates for the 10 days I need a vehicle and I'd never used your service before. I was booking the reservation, but you don't have service overnight. My flight gets in at 1:30am and you're closed at Houston International (a major airport) from 12am to 6am. I'm sorry--- I guess I will have to go elsewhere. #dissappointing  View Gripe »