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Automobile loan (11/26/16)

Advantis has every app to do banking with them and how to get money. Problem:: No easy way to make a car payment. I receive no statements.But I get late interest due am'ts in the mail. Advantis, please make your loan paying on line system easy. What I am saving in interest , I'm paying back in late fees.  View Gripe »

Auto Loan (10/5/15)

I bought a car in June from Capitol Toyota. They ran my loan through Advantis CU. When we didn't receive any statements for payments due we called. They told us that a late fee is the same as a payment fee over the phone. Still didn't receive anything can called again, made the payment over the phone. Next month still no statement, mailed a check and hoped for the best. Recently received a letter that they are force placing insurance of $2777 to my loan amount. I went and checked my account the day I got the letter and they sure did it. I contacted our insurance agent who has sent them proof several times. My insurance payment is auto pay, and is not lapsed. We are pushing a third month of payments due and still no statement or payment coupon book. I have emailed that they BETTER remove the added loan amount or there will be a lawyer involved by the end of the week. I think others should know of their shady practice of trying to get late fees, and adding insurance fines.  View Gripe »