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boarding passes/seats (9/13/15)

Hi We purchased two tickets on an a Aer Lingus flight out of Dublin to Bordeaux. Allocated seats were in the price. You can only get your "free" allocated seats 30 hours before you fly, when you print your boarding pass. Unless you are staying somewhere with access to a computer and a printer, you can not get a boarding pass for your return flight. Yes Aer Lingus will allow you to get a boarding pass when you purchase your tickets if you pay an extra five euro per seat. We had to pay an additional six Euro for our return seats over and above the ticket price. Yet in the T's & C's you have an "allocated seat" in the price. However, Aer Lingus make it so difficult for you to access this free seat you have to end up paying for it. One of the reasons we chose to fly with Aer Lingus was because the perception that they used "less sharp practices" than the other Irish based airline. Also Aer Lingus do not have a complaints tab on their web site, so they even make it difficult to…  View Gripe »