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AGL Energy Limited, Level 22, 101 Miller St
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Electricity (5/6/15)

I cancelled my AGL account in Australia before my visa expired in November, where I was assured my account had been closed and nothing further was needed. I then started receiving emails from my bank saying that I owed money into my account (as on departure from Australia left my account balance at $0) After calling AGL I found out that they had automatically debited the "settle up" from my account in December and I therefore had been paying charges ever since. I have called up AGL numerous times and have been getting the same answer-"we will call you back within 24hours." No reply for 2-3days, so then I would call up again, ask to speak to a supervisor and get put on hold for 10 minutes until I spoke to someone who would just tell me to wait for a call back. After speaking to one more advisor (Michelle) I was emailed by another (Jessica) stating that they had apparently sent me an email and they could not do anything about a refund. I face high bank and phone charges too!  View Gripe »