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Flight got delayed or canceled? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Air Canada handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Air Canada are typically related to canceled flights, delayed flights, customer service disagreements, lost luggage or baggage, upgrades, status disagreements, phone call hold times, and changes in fees.

The Air Canada Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their Message button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger, however, effectiveness may limited given a very large following.

Air Canada has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

The Air Canada Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Lost Baggage (2/15/16)

Where to begin.. On January 3, 2016 Air Canada lost one of my bags aboard flight AC211 - CALGARY to VANCOUVER. Stuff happens, I get it, but the process trying to get this rectified has been totally surreal. Firstly, I was straight-up lied to multiple times about the bag being "on the next flight out". This went on for about a week until they finally admitted to me that the bag was lost. After calling their useless call center repeatedly and visiting the Air Canada baggage stand at the Vancouver airport (because it is literally impossible to speak to an actual person otherwise) three times, I am at a loss for what to do. Apparently because 21 days have passed I can no longer file a claim. This is extremely infuriating because not once in any of my interactions did anyone ever think to tell me this. A bag was supposed to get on one plane from Calgary to Vancouver and simply vanished from the face of the Earth. Air Canada has been zero help whatsoever.  View Gripe »

cancelled flight (9/24/15)

Air Canada cancelled my aug 14/15 flight ac297 out of Winnipeg and advised me after a 3 hour wait my taxes and baggage fee would be refunded. To this date I have no refund and am unable to contact anyone to inquire why. I also can't get anyone at air miles to see about a points refund. Best answer was a 2 hour wait time.  View Gripe »

Vacation Packge (9/23/15)

Wait for more than 16 minutes to ask about a vacation package that I bought.  View Gripe »

YYZ > LHR 5 Hours Delay, then postponed for another 4 Hours (6/25/15)

was on flight AC868 heading to London, they had mechanical issues and kept delaying . finally we boarded, went all the way to the end of the runway, and had to turn back as they discovered more mechanical issues last minute! now flight is delayed till 7:30 PM! all in, I would be in the airport for 12 hours! I will loose my hotel booking and miss my business meetings in the mornings. nevermind being too tired to attend conference tomorrow. they offered passengers $20 as compensation in form of voucher for airport restaurants. $1000 ticket, 10 hours delay, and all they give you back is $20!! never gonna use them again.  View Gripe »

Horrible Customer Service (6/22/15)

Air Canada cancelled a flight my family was booked on. When they rebooked us on another flight they didn't move our seating preferences or checked baggage. After 3 calls to customer service I was told to show up at the airport and see what they could do to fix it. We are flying with a 6 year old on a red eye. So now my family gets to be the annoying people that make others get up and move so a child doesn't have to sit by herself. By the way we are flying on Delta and Air Canada on other legs of our trip. Both of these airlines also had cancellations, found our checked luggage payments, linked the family's flights together and guaranteed we will sit together. On the first phone call. Air Canada has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE of ANY AIRLINE  View Gripe »

Flight from LAX to Toronto (5/13/15)

I booked a ticket for a weekend in Toronto that left on a Friday morning and returned on Monday afternoon. When I showed up to the airport (LAX) Air Canada said my flight was not until Saturday, and had no record of my flight being on Friday. I paid an outrageous fee figuring I must have made a mistake. As I am preparing to leave on Monday I see that my Monday flight has also been pushed back 1 day. Exact same flight #, exact same times as the flights I had booked for Friday/Monday just shifted by 24 hours. This set off some alarm bells, I am 100% positive that I booked my flight for Friday/Monday. They would not even let me purchase/transfer the ticket at the Airport on Friday morning at the counter, I had to call customer service and wait on the phone to try and correct my flight. When I called to try and correct this on Monday I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor or anyone who would be willing to help.  View Gripe »

Customer Service and Standby charge (4/23/15)

Waiting for my plane and wanted to go standby. There are seats available but they want to charge me $169 to get an earlier flight even though there are seats available. Their response was please look at our policy and what we charge.  View Gripe »

Delayed Luggage (12/29/14)

Thx for delivering my bag on day 6 of my trip, @AirCanada - I look forward to how you are going to make this up to me! #ChristmasFail  View Gripe »

Lost Bag LGAAC68748 and LGAAC68678 (12/28/14)

Traveled YUL-LGA on AC and then JFK-DEL on AI booked under the same ticket. I didn't get my checked baggage at LGA and so i filed a missing bag claim. Told them that i will be heading to BHO in india and that i would want the bag delivered there.For 8 days they said that the bag is on its way and today they said that they can't find the bag.Approved only $100 to buy clothes and stuffs.I had stuffs worth about $1000 in the bag and the bag was worth $150.I need a higher compensation for the loss.  View Gripe »