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Air India
570 Lexington Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10022
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Bad Customer Service (12/12/15)

Had a horrible horrible experience traveling with AirIndia. There staff is extremely rude & on top there is no respect for senior citizens traveling with them. Recently my Mom Dad were traveling from US to Indore (India) on Dec 10th 2015 via Mumbai. There international & domestic flights were booked on one itinerary. My parents had paid the entire amount for their excess baggage during their check in at the US origin airlines (Emirates) & we had already confirmed with Air India customer service that the amount paid at the origin airlines (Emirates) would cover for their itinerary & they responded saying yes it would.But when they got to the Mumbai airport for their next flight to Indore they were being harassed & insulted by the AIRIndia staff.The rude staff members asked my parents to pay the entire amount again (and double then what they had already paid) or they wouldn’t let them get on their flight. See pic for rest of story or go here-  View Gripe »