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The Airbnb Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated.

Airbnb has a company brand Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and seems to be quite active.

The Airbnb Google+ is active and used for promotion. It has a large following and is verified.

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Vacation rental (1/18/17)

We made our travel arrangements to meet with our Airbnb rentsl in October of 2016. We were informed last week that our rental was cancelled. We have to go to this location as we made are own arrangements for travel and hotel rooms pre and post due to flight dates. Anyone that books Airbnb good frikin luck. We are forced to fund a place in Ixtapa and guess what little is available so we were forced to take what we were get no choice. Robin loader Grand Bend OntRoo  View Gripe »

Travel and Hotels (8/7/16)

I booked a place to stay through Airbnb. I paid and everything was confirmed. On arrival I found that the host had decided to cancel the booking. The Airbnb system did not notify me. After an hour of help desk pass arounds we finally got through to someone who offered help. Unfortunately the only help they could offer was to rebook another room. Of course everything decent was already booked up by that time and Airbnb expected me to go stay in a dangerous part of Landon. Miles away from where I needed to be. They refused to find a similar place in a similar area and pay for the difference. So I spent a night at a hotel. At 4am I was forced to book a more expensive hotel room as Airbnb made me homeless in a foreign city. Terrible company.  View Gripe »

Billing Error (7/28/16)

Negotiated with host for 14 nights in Florida at $2831 USD. My credit card was charged $2996 USD. As I'm Canadian, Airbnb converted their currency to Canadian Dollars and charged my US Visa card $3806 CDN instead of the correct $2831 USD. After numerous calls with their customer service department they said it was my fault. I just wanted my $165USD back  View Gripe »

Customer Service (4/16/16)

The customer service is definitely lacking BIG TIME. I tried in vain for over 30 minutes to find information on how to contact them via email. Most frustrating since I have never used them before. I was given a coupon that doesn't work at payment and no reason was given. We will think twice before listing our two beach front properties with them  View Gripe »

apartment tempoarry rental (4/2/16)

If you want to temporary rent an apartment as a tenant,beware of Airbnb : Airbnb is the most abusive system for you as a tenant and you can not make your vacation plans based on a deal with them. The facts are as follows : The landlord can cancel the deal at any time and the only commitment Airbnb has is to give you back your money for the rental that you had already paid 100% in advance and there is no compensation for the time ( may be weeks or months) that they have your money for free and for the trouble they cause you like having to star over looking for an apartment or worse as in my case having started my trip and getting notice on the way that my rental in Lima that I already paid for was cancelled and I had nowhere to stay . If the tenant cancels the deal damages to the owner on an arbitrary bases will be established but if the owner cancel the deal no damages are considered . As you see you there are no equal parties when renting with AIRBNB .  View Gripe »

rentals by owner (2/7/16)

Airbnb allows false advertisement by the hosting properties. Such as listing charge per night but changing that nightly rate when the stay overlaps a weekend. Another is listing a simple 3 night minimum on the property website and then allowing them to increase that minimum as a way to deny a rental  View Gripe »

ability to contact them with issue (9/21/15)

There entire customer service is based on "drop down menus." You can only contact them once you have a reservation. Many of their listings are inaccurate. If you don't make a reservation and stay there, you cannot complain about the inaccuracy.  View Gripe »

Suspended account - customer service not responding (6/30/15)

Airbnb has suspended my account because breaking ToS. I have send them evidence that I didn't broke any rules, and that my misdemeanors in the past was resolved, and that I have sent them written promise that I will not share referral on any site. That was in February this year. After that date I have deleted all shared referrals on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and haven't shared anything since my warning. But today, Airbnb from out of nowhere sent me message that they are suspending my account. And now they are not responding to any of my e-mails.  View Gripe »

Airbnb (5/16/15)

I was making a booking through when I received an email from with a link to a branded web page to make a payment. I paid £650 to secure the apartment. When I called Airbnb for confirmation they advised that it was a scam but they wouldn't provide compensation because the payment was made outside of Airbnb. I have called 32 times seeking advice and support and received blanket silence. I have sent 40 emails with no response either. This week my Airbnb account has been hacked by the same scammer and I have received 63 emails to my personal inbox from Airbnb customers requesting to book the scam apartment. I have tried to speak to Airbnb about this but the team that deals with these problems only operate over email and have not returned my correspondence. The scam, and losing the money was bad enough but the customer service I have received since has been even worse.  View Gripe »

Customer service (2/28/15)

Airbnb has the worst customer service ever. If they exsist in the first place. First they didn't answer to my email, then they told me that i have commited fraud (false accusation) then again they didn't aswer to email. Next thing they are suspending my account because i broke Referral ToS, but they've provided no evidence of such thing. Referral Program is written so that they can interpret it in any way they want to. I brought cca 100 new airbnb customer, and what i've got in return? Suspended account, not responding to my e-mails, totally ignoring me, their member. I am a member of airbnb for two years, travelled many times and in the progress i've gained travel credits. And now when I want to use them, they have suspended my account!  View Gripe »