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Aire Serv
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Category: Plumbing, Heating, Air-Conditioning
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Heating & Air Conditioning (9/8/15)

They replaced a furnace motherboard charged me $634.49 dollars, had to go get the part about 1 hour said the part was slightly over $100.00 took roughly 45 minutes to diagnose and change the the board. That's over $250.00 dollars an hour labor. Rip Off  View Gripe »

TRANE Heating and Air Conditioning Unit (7/20/15)

We have 2 homes. We only live in VA 6 months out of the year. We purchased a new heat and air unit July of 2011 and didn't purchase a service contract because we were told we were purchasing the best money could buy. We were told last week when the unit flooded my whole house that it would cost over $1100.00 to replace the main coil. All the refrigerant had leaked out. Parts were all that were covered. We have to pay $630 for the refrigerant plus labor. They took out a working unit that had never cost anything to repair in 15 years and knowingly sold us an inferior product that would break and cost this much to repair in a very short time. Trane says it is up to Aire Service. Trane ( according to Trane) did everything they were supposed to according to my to contract. Is there anything we can do?  View Gripe »