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Airtel Network (8/2/16)

I have been facing network issue with Airtel Service.I am a 4G Post Paid customer and i am not getting 4G services as promised me while taking sim.i raised SR(70404746)on 17-Jul-2016 regarding the same and till now they have not resolved the issue. i am not getting missed call alerts rather than call/sms from others.They are providing poor network and asking me to pay the bills.  View Gripe »

Airtel 4g hotspot (8/1/16)

Not kept up discount in hotspot bill but promised on dongle discount during start up. I took up the airtel hotspot connection on June 8th 2016 for Rs.2300 as device cost, after my tata photon dongle failed to start since its usage in 2014. Airtel promised to give me a discount on the older (any) dongle for first 9 monthly bills. I got my first bill on june 23rd, which is not one month yet & NO discount was given. When questioned, the airtel Nelamangala told me the amount to be paid is "initial rental" & so no discount but discount will be in the actual billing cycle starting june 23rd. To my expectation, there was NO discount in July 23rd generated bill too. I raised a complaint with the airtel nelamangala & no solution yet. So i had to logon the issue with the main airtel office who are yet to solve it where the date given by them is today. I strongly believe this would not be sorted because i see this attitude in direct office from day1. In this case, i need my device cost back.  View Gripe »

Telecom (4/27/16)

High bill  View Gripe »

Post paid connection (3/9/16)

Deception & harassment case mail sent to from mail ID Wrong postpaid plan sold in HSR layout Bangalore. Executive absconding & airtel is not taking responsibility. Recovery agent trespassed on private property, threatened & abused women. tweet link:  View Gripe »

Broadband services (1/21/16)

The connection goes on and off again and again. Even the customer support is not helpful enough. Moreover, I had raised a request to get extra bytes on my connection under the smartbyte scheme. However, it has been more than a day and my request has still not been processed. When i dial on the toll free number nobody was available to answer my call in the evening time. This has happened for two consecutive days All this is affecting my productivity as I need proper internet connection all the time. This has been a reccuring issue.  View Gripe »

Pospaid card (12/2/15)

Bill paid but not reflecting in airtel app..contacted service center ..submitted the bank statement still no response since 1 month  View Gripe »

Post paid connection (10/18/15)

I requested a duplicate sim. they delivered a sim promptly which was not recognized by any network for almost two weeks. approached their service center at Atta market, Noida, India where the guy, whom I had a bad experience with when i went to change my prepaid to post paid, said i would have to submit proof of address et al. I asked him y. He said the sim issued as per their data base is different from the one i had. I was totally surprised as this was the only sim i had and got from airtel. i asked him how that would happen. he rudely said that's for u to answer! i am paying the rent for my connection and am forced to use my roaming sim to stay connected! am penalized for their mistake and had to stand the humiliation of being questioned rather than helped for an error at their point.  View Gripe »

Prepaid Recharge Issue (7/22/15)

I have had 3 very bad experiences in the last 2 weeks. I recharged for 297 on 19.07.2015 to get 1.25 gb 3G data (I checked the plan in Airtel app) and because the recharge didn't go through on the Airtel app, I had to recharge using ICICI. When I did not get the data, I called the customer care only to be told that it's an international roaming recharge and not data! Moreover, they told me that cannot reverse it either. This is just unacceptable! Why do I have to pay for misinformation provided by Airtel's app? I recharged for two numbers for 297 and have the same issue with both, 8790243676 and 9533782885 Only last week I was incorrectly charged 240 for data usage which again wasn't refunded! Also, my phone was not activated by Airtel for almost 2 days!! I have recommended so many of my friends to Airtel but looks like it's time that I move out of Airtel. I'm going to send a port out request if I do not receive a refund!  View Gripe »

Wrong Balance deduction (5/24/15)

On 24th May 11:51PM I checked my data balance available 8.53MB. but as per Airtel system my Data balance was over at 11:40pm and they charged Rs50 for internet browsing. My question is if my data balance is over why it was showing at 11:51pm 8.53mb available. Who is responsible for it? Even at 11:53pm when I detected my main account balance is been deducted at that time also my Data balance was showing 0.45MB available. Wrong balance charged from Airtel. Want my balance back. Thank you.  View Gripe »

Airtel broadband (5/9/15)

No service being provided due to non installation of a do box which will only increase customer base. This is despite neighbours having the service. Low quality product and no service provided. Disgusting considering its the leading service provider. And this is the kindbof service provided to someone who has been their customer for the past 15 years now!!  View Gripe »