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Unsubstantiated Charges (11/11/15)

Received a bill from Alabama A&M University on September 28, 2015 in the amount of $235.00. The bill had a big "Direct Express" logo across the top. I attended Alabama A&M back in 2009/2010. To date I had heard nothing from them and then received a bill that did not even have a contact number listed and before I could even question what it was about it was turned over to a collection agency. Keep in mind that this is the first bill received by me at the address listed and there has been no correspondence prior to this. This seems to be a deliberate and callously executed plan to collect a debt(?) that may have been due to be paid but no attempt had been made prior to this and then they hurriedly send it over to a collection agency. This attempt had done more harm to me than simply giving me an explanation of the debt and allowing me the opportunity to pay. I would like all charges removed. Larry D. Hampton, Jr.  View Gripe »