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Property Management (7/13/15)

I have been a tenant with Alabama Rental Managers for five months. Since then, we have had an issue with the proper installment of the screen door. The first maintenance request was placed on 03/09/15, 3/11/15, and maintenance came to fix on 3/17/15. After that, the lining of the screen started coming away at the seems. I submitted another request on 4/13/15, and maintenance came to fix it again on 05/10/15. When I checked the door, the screen was okay at the top, but at the bottom, the screen had a large tear below the door handle. I immediately called the maintenance supervisor immediately, to let her know about the tear. She never returned my call. I submitted a third request to have the bottom portion of the door repaired correctly, and she sent me an email and called to state that the homeowner would have to split the cost for the door. I refused because the door was not fixed properly. They are requesting that I pay $80.50 for an ongoing problem, and door that I didn't break.  View Gripe »