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605 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N
Birmingham, AL 35203
United States

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Category: Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas
Sub Category: Oil/Gas Distribution
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Customer Representative (11/13/15)

In Montgomery, Alabama I did not appreciate how my service was handled. I made a payment through MoneyGram. I was unaware that the total payment was more than I had actually paid on the bill. I called the 800-292-4008 at 11:30am to pay the remaining balance to have the gas cut back on. The first young lady was uncertain how to handle my situation and transferred me. The next lady was very unprofessional. I was unaware that Money Gram was not someone Alagasco doesn't work with. I paid my money and I expect to be treated with respect. Her attitude was not pleasant at all. Tone was as if she was wasting her time. Did not appreciate that. All I wanted her to do was take down the reference number from MoneyGram to show that it was paid. Then take down the credit card number to apply the 17.94 to the account. So, that I could schedule a reconnect once the payment was posted. I ask to speak to some one else. She says sure and puts me on hold. The message played we are only taking emerency.  View Gripe »