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Movie (4/8/17)

Absolutely terrible customer service. My fiancĂ© and I arrived 10 minutes late to a 7:30 movie. Admittedly this was our fault but sometimes life gets in the way. We were told we could not enter if we were 15 minutes late. All fine we are 10. We weren't allowed to enter at all "their" clock had us at 15 both our phones different providers had us at 10. I asked for the manager and immediately got attitude. The manager also refused is this time it seemed out of spite. Immediately threatened to call the cops which caught us off guard since we were still under the 15 minute period. After some back and fourth and threatening to leave a review he offered to comp our tickets since now we were 15 min late. I replied "fine but this is ridiculous you are all being in reasonable" then he summoned a police officer who was apparently outside working for the theater and escorted me out outside leaving my fiancĂ© inside to attempt to the get the refund. Terrible service and abuse of power  View Gripe »

Parking (3/20/17)

Parking at Alamo Drafthouse is THE worst!! Expand the parking lot!!! Take the number of seats in tbe theayer and divide by two. That how many parking spaces you need!!!  View Gripe »

Don't Lose Items Here (1/1/17)

At the Kalamazoo Drafthouse, I lost some Christmas presents there. My fault. However, I am appalled at the service I got after I lost them. I left two messages for lost and found, no answer, even though a response was promised within 24 hours. I emailed. No response, even several days later. I facebook messaged and tweeted and I expect continued radio silence. And yes, I did visit the branch in person (despite this being rather difficult for me) and some employee just wrote down on her arm what I had lost and left, with no way to contact me if she found it. I'm glad I didn't leave a phone or something irreplaceable, because I seem to be the only one who cares!  View Gripe »

Age Restrictions (12/30/16)

Quite honestly there shouldn't be a problem bringing kids to a family movie. Imagine if UP was in theaters still but only kids age 6+ could go, or Frozens, etc. This example is fantastoc beasts, the age restriction is 6 which is God awful as a company. I understand R rated movies but seriously restrict a FAMILY movie so that my FAMILY can't all go see it? I will never go to Alamo Drafthouse again.  View Gripe »

Ritz (9/15/16)

No late seating policy caused person who hasn't seen friends in a long time who was held up for reasons at work beyond her control plus rushed and paid $10 parking to be rudely turned away without any compassion. Are people not allowed to re-enter after going to the bathroom... And rudeness of worker was uncalled for.. Will never return  View Gripe »

FOOD SERVICE (11/29/15)

My husband and I went to the Ashburn, Virginia Alamo Drafthouse on 11/18/2015. The food was beyond horrific, popcorn was stale (we asked for fresh hot and they brought another stale). For these prices one would expect good food at a reasonable price. WE WILL NEVER EVER EVER GO THERE AGAIN. Our bill was $40.81 for 2 drinks, a hard overdone grilled cheese, and a burger that tasted like it was grilled 3 days before. We should have sent the food back, but it just did not seem worth it. Very very upset and upset that we did not tell the manager how horrible the food and service was. And this was during the day with only 5 people in the theatre!!!!  View Gripe »

Ticket to Wrong Theater (1/15/15)

Hi! Today, I was purchasing a ticket to American Sniper via the Alamo Drafthouse website. After selecting the Park North location in San Antonio, TX, my ticket confirmation claims I selected the Westlake location in Austin. I have since bought another ticket to the correct theater (Park North) and was wondering if there is any way to get my money back for the ticket I purchased to the wrong theater. Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!  View Gripe »

everything (11/24/14)

I actually really like the Alamo concept, but yesterday sucked. Yonkers location. Spoke to 3 servers to finally get my beer halfway through movie ( i ordered before movie started). pizza came ( well after everyone got their food) and was cold, of course. then to top off, i left my prescription glasses on table at end of movie. called cinema after i left ( maybe 15 minutes) to tell them exactly where they were. they were not taken, but thrown away. amazed.only families around me no one stole them  View Gripe »