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Stalker (1/15/17)

Megan karats and CSI Michael followed me to evergreen state college in Washington state and whistler snow resort in Vancouver Canada in 2005. They sat next to me on the same flight  View Gripe »

alaska airline (10/13/15)

We have total (6) Credit Certificates from Alaska A/L due to we we did not make a trip on this February .Now we want to book a (2) new Tickets , But we unable to use these Credit certificates. Only (1) can go through. the 2nd one I got a notes: "The promotion is not valid for the criteria select. ". Please help. Thanks Thanh-Tung Mai  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/22/15)

I seat at row 6 right after first class section and while on fly I had to use the restrooms.Fly attendants from my section,were serving beverages (they were around row 15), so I went and used the restrooms at front.Section's curtains were open. After usage, the fly attendant from first class, in not very happy tone of her voice,told me thatI wasn't allow there and i should use the back restrooms.Restrooms at front are for exclusiveuse of first class.I replied that was an emergency, that I wasn't going to make it to the back restrooms, and that I didn't ask for permission because she was attending to a passenger,and that we should use more common sense.Federal Aviation Agents scorted me out of the aircraft and I explain what happened; they let me go. Later on I was told by AS agent that they were not going to take me that day on my connection fly.I had to spent the night in LA.  View Gripe »

Still waiting (7/21/15)

Had a letter from Adora Becker dated 2/14/2013 stating that I would be getting a refund on a one-time exception to refund the new ticket I had to purchase due to a medical emergency. To date I have heard nothing about the ticket.  View Gripe »

Unhappy Customer (7/20/15)

I took Alaska Airline from Seattle to San Diego with my kids and the crew where untrained b/c some passengers seat on our seat and I was holding my kids standing almost for 15 mintues with out any help beside the washroom. Another thing when they change the get number after we lined up on 9 they changed to 11 right away, we didn't even see on the screen.  View Gripe »

Dinner for breakfast (7/19/15)

Paid for First Class for my husband and myself.. Got on and all was great for a whole day of flying from Chicago to Anchorage Alaska we thought . At 8 in the morning, expecting to have maybe coffee and breakfast.. NO.. We got a choice of chicken DINNER or BEEF dinner and salad.. OH ok.its morning but lets eat DINNER .. we both ordered the chicken and it was HORRIBLE. With some dried up brussle sprouts and a tiny spoon full of mashed potatoes... REALLY!!!! Ok.. heck with it, we will have a few beers. and then never got offered another drink or anything.. ( NO we are not big drinkers , loud or , drunk etc.... ) so lets just get some water... Oh ok.. an hour later in FIRST CLASS I get a glass of water that I call to get !! Thanks... Wonder if its worth it to buy the first class. The seats were great though..  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/17/15)

I recently had a run-in with a supervisor named Clint. Given the attitude, I believe it is the same guy Todd is talking about. I was in talking to one of the gate people when he approached me and rudely asked me to walk with him while trying to be intimidating. He asked me to walk with him away from customer service desk and started to threaten me with racist underlines that I seem to be new here and he will have security kick me out. The guy is a bully and tried to really scare me. In the end, he just voided my ticket. Asked the lady to write a report.  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (7/16/15)

our flight from LAX was 5 miutes late due to weather but Ak Airlines left us sleepless in seattle all night long, even though the flight to Anchorage doesn't connect with anything and usually has a tailwind the last time we flew with them. They didn't even attempt to make up for it by so much as a "sorry". I've also heard them referred to as the works largest non-sched and the sociopaths of the sky. I live in Alaska where the only people who praise them have some connection to that airline.  View Gripe »

Uncomfortable (7/10/15)

This comment pertains to Horizon Air flight #2353 on Friday, March 9,2012 - Spokane, Wa. to Portland, Or. I was seated in 11B, the man seated in 11A was a very large person. His gluteus-maximas was exactly that taking up all of his seat and half of mine. His legs were so big he had to sit with them spred taking up over half of my area. He brought on a bag too large to fit in the over head so he was allowed to put it on the floor taking up all the space for his feet as it stuck out all the way to his seat! I was told that a person this large must purchase 2 seats so why was this man allowed to get away with this? My seat on this flight should be reimbursed to me as I was the one had to suffer the very uncomfortable flight! I would have asked to be moved but it was a full plan so nowhere to go.  View Gripe »

Very Disappointed (6/19/15)

I am very disappointed in your Airlines,,we signed up got a champion ticket to fly anywhere We wanted to book from AZ to Hawaii,for ex;;Now we have been informed no matter were we want to fly to we have to leave from Seattle Lookup my credit and see how much we applied to the credit card,,and how fast we paid it off...To me what you are doing is fraud advertising...We have to drive or fly to Seattle in order to use ours tickets.  View Gripe »