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Stuck in line at the Grocery Store? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how ALDI handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for ALDI are typically related to grocery shopping, product availability, lines, cashier interactions, costs, and customer service interactions.

The ALDI Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do not have their "Message" button activated which means you cannot contact them through Facebook chat messenger. There have a customer service plug in on this page, but the form it takes you to is very long.

ALDI has a verified Twitter handle which is actively used for Customer Service.

The ALDI brand does not have an official Google+ account.

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Warehouse D/c (3/20/17)

I am a route driver that routinely make deliveries to Aldis Warehouses.The warehouse in S.Windsor Ct is the worst the receiving staff is unnecessarily combative and literally pick fights with drivers.This level of gross unproffesionalism has been ongoing for a while.They appear to be without adequate supervision and seem free to be disrespectful.This I know is counter to the carefully corporate image the company has crafted.Your attention to this issue is wanting.My complaint is specific to the D.C facility at Rye St South Windsor Ct.  View Gripe »

ALDI 7050 North University Dr. Tamarac, FL Store #93 (1/20/17)

Cashier was extremely rude and unprofessional. Yelled at us to take our groceries out of the box we had them in, while waiting in line, she then proceeded to snatch my groceries out of the box I had them in and decided to fling the box over her shoulder and on the floor. I will NEVER shop here again. Store # 93, cashier was Sarah. She should never be a cashier for customers, extremely RUDE and HATEFUL.  View Gripe »

Management refuse to open a Till because of queues. (11/13/15)

Aldi - Bracknell – I’m frustrated at the unhelpful & rude Management, who are not bothered about Customers having to queue, and refuse to open a till when requested to do so. Last Wednesday evening, they had one till open & 7/8 staff filling shelf’s on the shop floor. I complained to the Manager who refused to open an extra till and who was not bothered about me leaving my £12 of shopping. Previously when using Aldi - Loughborough or Waitrose - Bracknell, whenever I requested an extra till to be opened, it always happened and I was never refused, as none of the Stores monitor the tills like Costco. As UK shoppers do not complain. (Expect Aldi just loose Customers because of this & do not realise). I spoke with the Area Manager for Berkshire to day who thinks Customers should queue more at Aldi as they are a budget supermarket as we are paying less for our food. I do not find Aldi cheap, as I normally buy the Exquisite range of Red wine at around £7/8 a bottle.  View Gripe »

fruit cocktail (10/11/15)

good size bug embedded in a piece of the fruit- pretty discusting  View Gripe »

seasons choice mixed fruit (9/23/15)

love aldi however bought for the first time two bags of frozen mixed fruit and it has strawberries peaches, pineapples, and mangos however the first product listed is strawberries and that was the fruit that was the least amount in the bag 6 at the most not happy  View Gripe »

harvest moon benefit with red fruit (8/20/15)

I buy this product regularly but recently I was disappointed to find a third of the cereal packet consisted of fine grain and dusty bits . Of the 375g-100g was inedible. also the fruit in the packets is more often than not , all at the bottom. I shop at Aldi all the time and cannot complain about any of the products normally but I felt you needed to know about this issue.  View Gripe »

Bad watermelons (7/22/15)

Brought in receipt for rotten watermelon. They refunded the cash, but when I went to get another one, the cashier told me I had to purchase it. What does refund and another item mean, then?  View Gripe »

Need more cashiers (7/21/15)

Only one cashier and 20 people waiting. Gregory & 350 guest. Raytown mo  View Gripe »

Out of stock (7/20/15)

I keep checking three different locations for the cold ice tea you guys carry in jug. I was told it's a seasonal item which makes no since because in the south we drink sweet tea everyday not by season. So at the Belmont mc location they tell me we will get it by May here it's end of July NO TEA!!! Would like to find the real reason why the stores aren't stocking it!!! Please give me the truth as I shop aldi at least 2 times a week  View Gripe »

Out of stock (7/19/15)

I have been an ALDI customer for many tears and I am getting very frustrated about the OUT OF STOCK items we shop for almost every week. The Waukesha, WI store has been out of srock of Canned dog foor for more than a month now. Chaucer dark chocolate is out off and on for a month now. Low fat cottage cheese is out off and on also. If I have to finish our shopping at Walmart or Woodamans in Waukesha I might just as well do all of our shopping at one of these stores and save time. These stores are never if ever out of what we buy weekly. It is just a waste of my time to have to run to more stores to finish shopping. There other tihings that just don’t come to mind that your store has been out of. I don’t know if this is poor management at the store or if something else is the problem. I hope this is fixed soon. time is running out for my trips to ALDI’s store  View Gripe »