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Flood mitigation (7/6/15)

We engaged All Starrs Carpet Care to mitigate damage to our Houston home after the Memorial Day flood 2015. The scope of the work was to remove all carpet, open up the walls, removing wet insulation, spraying all open areas against mold and treating all furniture and other effects which had become wet. The job done was highly unprofessional, rough and unskilled. Significant outside walls were neglected; no appliances were moved to open up the outer walls; they did not remove any carpet tack strips, some still with flood-soaked carpet attached; nails were not removed from the sheet rock; only some items of furniture were treated; much of the sheet rock was cut in a jagged fashion. The worst was that the company charged $125 per man hour for this inferior, careless work. It is clearly a case of price gouging at a time opportune for the company and urgent for the homeowner. We wrote to the company after this work was done, but have received no reply.  View Gripe »