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All State Van Lines Relocation
2000 North State Road 7, Suite 101
Margate, FL 33063
United States
Category: Local Trucking With Storage
Sub Category: Shipping, Delivery & Storage
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Long distance Moving from Arizona (10/22/16)

All went well. Love the guys that showed up. Although I thought this would be a All State Truck, it was a different company truck. When I called they said they subcontracted the job to a local agent. Sounds like brokerage to me. But I did not ask when I got the quote. So do your home work. Ask questions!  View Gripe »

moving (6/15/15)

It was on day they was suppose to deliver my things to my new house. they ended up not completing the delivery, i had to rent a u-haul and the man moved my things from the 18 wheeler to the u-haul and from there i had to move all of my things and plus set everything back up that they broke down when they picked my things up, and they still charged me the full price. they said that it was in the contract saying that if the truck could not fit at the address then i would have to pay extra, but for one i never received a contract and for two they knew all along that an 18 wheeler truck wouldnt fit in a residential area. when i was explaining that i didn't have the extra money they gave information of the fact that they had already gave me a discount but they didn't make me aware of that until that moment. then to add insult to injury they damaged some of my things. they were very unprofessional and they left me feeling very violated, dissatisfied,and distressed.  View Gripe »