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All Ways Moving & Delivery
361 Queen St., Unit #1060
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 0A6

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Category: Local Trucking, Without Storage
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moving/delivery (6/24/15)

This Smith Falls company is refusing to return and look at a piece of furniture that they damaged during my move. Their stand is that they are not responsible for particle core furniture as per their contract, however, the damage done is not the result of the age of the piece nor its construction but the result of someone kicking it. They were having difficulties bringing the unit through the doorway, and having seen this unit moved a few times I made suggestions as to how they could tilt and maneuver it but was ignored. The side panel became loose and the owner's solution was to bang it back in with his fist which was not a viable solution. This unit was manhandled. The kick plate was bent far back and this piece is attached with metal brackets. When metal gets bent it is the result of force. Someone kicked it and kicked in hard. Bottom line - they are rough with furniture and exempt themselves via a disclaimer in their contract.  View Gripe »