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Air Flight Confirmation #Q382790 (10/4/15)

We are scheduled to fly out of Indy into Punta Gorda. My Husband an accident and had to have surgery on Friday, I contacted Allegiant about our tickets. They told me since it was less then 7 days of our flight we will just lose the airfare. I asked if they could schedule us for a later trip she said no. I know of a person, personally that they did that for. He has year to use the ticket. I would like to know if anything can be done. We are very angry about this situation. Would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thank you Virginia Gardewine  View Gripe »

Airline/Travel (9/28/15)

Screwed up my flight. Spent $350 on 2 round trip tickets for myself and my 4 year old daughter. Turned into over $2000 because they screwed up the flight and delayed it by over 5 hours for no reason. No one at customer service answers any questions. It has been over 3 months since I contacted them and it is still "being processed" and no one can tell me anything because it is "closed door" and they don't talk to their passengers. Had a problem on American, next day, $300 voucher in my email. Allegiant is the worst airline I have ever flown. Flight was Punta Gorda, FL to Raleigh/Durham, NC  View Gripe »

Flight (9/18/15)

Missed flight couldn't make a complaint. Or speak with some with about my issues & concerns. My self & my mother were treated very badly my mom hung up on. No one seemed to care. Or help or listen bad first time experience.  View Gripe »

Traveling agency (9/1/15)

I got to the airport 45 mins before my flight left. This employee named Candice at the Sanford air port told me I wasn't able to board. After she told me that her boss called her through the walkie saying if there was anyone else left to board. Can you believe this lady did not answer and I unfortunately missed my flight. This lady showed no sympathy or empathy what's so ever. She was so rude. I've spent thousands of dollars traveling through allegiant air; the least she could've done was apologize and at least try to go above and beyond for the customer. After me expressing how I felt she had nothing to say but okay you can leave now bye. I'm never traveling with allegian air again.  View Gripe »

Airline/Travel (6/22/15)

I purchased travel insurance for an Allegiant flight flying OW from Fargo to LAX, and to change your flight, you must call and speak to an agent. It took over 6 hours to get through to an agent, collectively. Four times I was on hold the day before my flight was to leave for over an hour and then my call would be disconnected. I finally gave up and my husband finally got through after over 2 hours on hold. No apologies, and they charged me for the difference in price--$156.50 extra, because the price of the flight changed while I was on hold. The absolute worst customer service. Inexcuseable. I want to be reimbursed. I lost almost a whole day with my 97 year old Grandmother, sitting on hold on the phone with them--that is something I will never get back, as I don't know if I will ever see her again!!! I am so angry and upset. Will never fly this airline again!!  View Gripe »