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Have you found yourself stuck on the side of the road waiting hours for a tow truck? Do you feel like you are not “In good hands?” Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Allstate handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Allstate are typically related to incorrect charges, overcharges, waiting on the road for hours with their broken car, miscommunication of coverage, coverage plans, and poor phone customer support.

The Allstate Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which means you can contact them through Facebook chat messenger.

Twitter handle which is used for Customer Service, and is active.

Google+ is used often and has a moderate following.

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Automobile Insurance Increase (9/21/15)

Upon the death of my wife, I took a copy of the death certificate to my agent's office to have her removed from the policy. Within a week, I was advised that my rate had INCREASED and that I owed an additional premium of $15.64!!. Is this increase in line with proper procedure??  View Gripe »

auto policy (7/6/15)

O June 25th I let allstate know that I would not be renewing my insurance policy with them via the allstate website. On June 29th I received 2 calls from allstate trying to convince me to stay and wanting to compare the new policy that I have through another company to their policy. I checked my checking account on July 1 and noticed that allstate took $890.31 out of my account on June 29th. I contacted allstate and they have yet to put the money back in my account. My insurance agent is Stan Tebow  View Gripe »

Frustrated (6/10/15)

I had condo insurance with Allstate; a pipe broke in my bathroom and leaked through the vanity to the garage ceiling. They denied the claim stating that my condo should cover it despite the fact that the condo master policy only covers damage to the building. Then they said it wasn't an "event" since I did not discover it immediately. I asked if I had been away (which I am all day) shouldn't I be covered. After 3 weeks they sent the adjustor who gave me the same news. Allstate had no intention of paying for this despite the fact that the reason I have condo insurance is for this type of event. From the start, it was clear that they were going to wiggle out of a claim that was under $3000. Needless to say I have moved to Liberty Mutual for home and auto; I contacted several insurance brokers who told me that I should have been covered since as a condo owner, I am responsible for everything within the walls of my unit.  View Gripe »

Unprofessional (6/10/15)

Claims adjuster admits she found video & pictures on her desk from auto wreck scene after she had issued to her own insured a 40% liability for an out-of-state driver leaving their lane and hitting her own insured's SUV. On a recorded phone call and prior to Sandra's letter citing 40% liability in the wreck, Sandra stated the TX driver had lied on several things in the interview and it was evident that she was 100% at fault. Allstate has mastered screwing over their own customer. Way to go Sandra Farris, Claims Adjuster, Oklahoma City, OK! A professional suggestion Sandra, proofread your data before sending it out, "I could locate any Oklahoma statutes in section 47 or the rules of the road handbook that specify which lane has right of way where two lanes merge into one but neither lane terminates." You leave your Allstate customer having to guess what you're trying to say....UNPROFESSIONAL, ILLITERATE, FRAUDULENT  View Gripe »

Drop Allstate (6/10/15)

DROP ALLSTATE !!! April 12th Mobile Alabama had several days of torrential rain in which water was discovered leaking into master bathroom, and hall HVAC closet. I opened claim with ALLSTATE- after a few days I had first call from ALLSTATE asked me if I was aware I did not have wind and hail insurance- I said yes I am aware of that- it was torrential rain, not hail- he said ok and asked a few questions and said they would get back with me. A couple days later I had a call from ALLSTATE rep she said she was looking at my claim, and was I aware I did not have wind and hail coverage on my policy- I said yes I am aware, and it was torrential rain no hail- she documented a few things, and call ended. Later ALLSTATE adjuster called to schedule appointment at property location- he said just wanted to let you know your claim will most likely not be covered because you do not have wind & hail coverage at that point I got mad- I said you know I find that real interesting that you are the third…  View Gripe »

Bad customer service (6/10/15)

Tabetha Campbell Thompson agency is the worst!!! Tabetha and her staff are very incompetent individuals and the office manager is a functioning alcoholic.Tabetha is never available to speak or to meet with.Missouri the office curses like a sailor on the phone with customers and won't process changes properly.I've found 3 things wrong with my policy in the past month  View Gripe »

Don't use Allstate (6/10/15)

I want to let everybody know how horrible the service is with the Agent Erica Clark. She is an agent from AllState in Wellington FL. Anybody in that office gives the appropriate respect for the customers. I am having an issue since Feb 2015 and they have not been able to solve the problem; every time I call they blame on each other. There is a there girl called Jacky; you think that she's doing you a favor for having the policy with them; she has a horrible attitude and Erica is always "busy" to take your calls. Please DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY OR EVEN BETTER DO NOT USE ALLSTATE. I am cancelling my policy today.  View Gripe »

Horrible Customer Service (6/10/15)

Was in an accident that was not my fault. The at fault driver had Allstate. From the first call, Mary Beth the claim rep did not ask me how my kids or I were doing or what happened. The first call was not exactly rude but it wasn't pleasant either. The next conversation about getting the rental car while my car was in the shop was very rude. The whole experience has been filled with me calling speaking to different people telling me different things in a rude tone. I tried to call corporate to complain but it sends me to the local agency. I've spoken to the office manager about the tone, total lack of communication and follow up, and time I've wasted dealing with Allstate. He did not call me a liar, but said Mary Beth is usually very nice and number one goal is my satisfaction. I personally have Allstate for my car and home insurance, after dealing with his bull, I'm changing. My local agent is good, but knowing that this horrible customer service goes on here is unacceptable.  View Gripe »

NO customer service (6/10/15)

I had an accident on December 11, 2014 using Allstate as the insurance due to being hit by their customer. My claim number is 0351119219CKM. This was the worst experience I ever had. At first, I was told that it was a courtesy to get me a rental car. The adjuster was never assigned and no one ever called me to let me know when they were coming out. As it was around Christmas time, it took longer and the rental was not communicated and I was told by Kellon Meyers that I chose the body shop. I will never use AllState. It is no wonder Consumer Report puts you on the bottom for customer service. There is no customer service with your company. I therefore am letting you know and will call to complain as well. I was treated poorly, and not being at fault, I should have been treated like it was important. I do feel they owe me an apology and knowing Allstate, I probably will not get one. Again, no customer service whatsoever.  View Gripe »

NO customer service (6/10/15)

they do not care about people, their adjusters does not include things and low ball you, then when they are done with there paper work some things was not put on the claim that should have been,then we got screwed from ever using the policy when it comes to roof for our home. They are getting FREE money, They do not add up cost to claims and want you to do their job by getting quotes so they can review them and maybe put through. i have fought with them for years about the same thing and they have given me 4 different excuses. I had to up my deductible and change coverage to even afford their prices, our policy was renewing and was UPPED $500.00.they do what they can to not pay claims and make it hard to use your policy you pay for. They keep putting money in their pockets and not helping people with the policy we pay for. They know it is LAW to have the policy and they play with people lives.They are out for money not the people.  View Gripe »