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Altech Autopage
2 Augrabies Road, Waterfall Office Park, Bekker Road
Midrand, Gauteng 1685
South Africa

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Category: Radiotelephone Communications
Sub Category: Computers & Peripherals
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Cell phone account (5/18/15)

I received a cell phone invoice of R4035. I immediately logged a call on 21/04/2015 (Ref. 658632). The consultant at Brooklyn Mall phoned the call centre to log a call (Ref.659636). They confirmed that it was definitely an error as I have used just over 1GB. I buy 2GB every month (R89.02 per month) which means that I have not used all my data purchased for April. The latest is that they say it is from Feb 2015 - April 2015. I have proof that I paid my account for Feb/March 2015. I was in hospital and off sick for 6 weeks in March/April 2015. My service was suspended on the 7th of May 2015 and this is an error from Autopage's side. I am a commission earner and a single mom and rely on my phone for business. I went to the store several times, phoned the call centre, speaking to lots of people transferring me from one person to the other only to be cut off eventually. They can't provide me with proof that I've used the data. I was advised to go to head office in Midrand on my own expense  View Gripe »