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Is the delivery guy taking his own sweet time? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how Amazon handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for Amazon are typically related to delays in packages, lack of a return policy, and false information on products online.

The Amazon Facebook page is very active and promotional in nature. They use their Facebook page to hold contests, giveaways, and advertise new services. It also keeps users alert of deals that are soon to expire, so much of the content is in the users’ best interest.

Amazon has a Twitter handle which is used exclusively to deal with feedback from unsatisfied customers. The account is very active, and helps customers resolve any issues they may have with the online shopping retailer.

Amazon has a substantial following on Google+ which is primarily used for promotional purposes.

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Login (2/3/17)

On 1-31-17 I tried to log into my account and it kept telling me my password was incorrect . I changed the password several times and it still said it was incorrect. I asked my mom to sign in and it said the same thing and we reset her password but still said the same . I have been constantly contacting Amazon and they keep telling me I will receive an email from an account specialist within 24 hours . However , it's been 4 days. So I keep calling and they keep telling me they can't , or won't help me. And they won't let me have my account back or my moms . I'm very upset with them. They have stolen over $150 from us now and won't give it back to us.  View Gripe »

Amazon Prime (1/10/17)

I honestly do not know why I'm getting charged for AmazonPime. If I somehow inadvertanly sighned up, I want to unsubscribe and have normal membership. I have a bill through AAA Visa that I am not paying. Sincerely Patrick Van Auken  View Gripe »

AMZ UK Digital Download (1/9/17)

it appears that my company credit card has been charged £55.00 on the 30th November 2016 and I have no paperwork or recollection of any purchases from this company, in view of the above facts I require a full explanation and credit for the same amount, then I require you to delete all my company credit card details from your system also if I find any further charges of this kind I will hand all information to the criminal fraud office. John Little MD  View Gripe »

Echo or Dot (1/8/17)

Why don't you sell this on your Canadian site? You sell the accessories for these 2 items.  View Gripe »

Digital dwn (12/14/16)

You have taken £7.99 from my bank account for digital dwn. I have no idea what this is for. Please reimburse my account. My bank has been notified and I intend to pursue this as a fraudulent transaction unless it is rectified.  View Gripe »

on trac (12/13/16)

9945 river dr Descanso ca 91916 The driver does not put the packages on the sheltered front porch. He puts them at the bottom of the stairs in plain sight. He has been here several times lately. please only deliver UPS. I speak for all my neighbors in this rural town.  View Gripe »

No refund given for faulty radio (12/13/16)

I returned a faulty radio to Amazon - reference Order # 206-6835147-1744344 – with their return slip which they sent to me, I was to get a refund, which has not been given. I do have statutory rights under the consumer rights Act 2015, also this item would have a twelve month Manufacturer’s warranty which Amazon are obliged to honor as I bought this from Amazons site. The item is well within the twelve month warranty. The item has not proved to be of satisfactory quality as it developed a fault, and then Amazon agreed for me to return it for a refund. I have owned the item for well under twelve months. I am entitled to a full refund for these reasons. I would also refer to the Distance Selling Regulations / Consumer Contracts Regulations which implement the Consumer Rights Directive in UK Law as of the 3 June 2014. I need to have confidence in Amazon credibility.  View Gripe »

ALERT and WARNING: Nexus 6P purchase a Fraud (12/7/16)

ALERT and WARNING: Amazon will not refund FRAUD... Even to longtime customers I'll keep this short. This is a warning to my family, friends, colleagues and others who are planning on shopping Amazon in the future. I've not had a good recent experience with them...borderline terribel in fact... Over the past 3 years, I've bought 177 items between and where I've also been a "PRIME" member in which I pay $99 USD to and $99 CAD to I probably make 80% of my purchases through those sites, so I feel that I'm a pretty good customer. Recently, I went to purchase a Nexus 6P phone that was being sold for a decent price of $390 USD through a 3rd party seller on their site. It turned out to be a scam and fraud. The seller had actually sent me emails that were branded identically to what Amazon emails look like including the date of when it is arriving, however, when you look really carefully at the email domains names, rather than it being…  View Gripe »

AMZ UK Digital Dwn (12/5/16)

Dear Sirs, I have been charged £7.99 for something listed AMZ UK Digital Dwn LUXEMBOURG from my bank account on 23 November 2016. I am finding it extremely difficult to contact Amazon. Please let me know as soon as possible. Best regards. my E-mail is: mobile: 07432093194  View Gripe »

cute fashion decent beige ballerinas (9/2/16)

Because shoe s too lengthy...i want size-7...pleaze exachange its too large size 11  View Gripe »