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Flight delayed or canceled? Here's the scoop on everything you need to know about how American Airlines handles customer service feedback on social media.

The types of issues that people complain on social networks for American Airlines are typically related to canceled flights, delayed flights, customer service disagreements, lost luggage or baggage, upgrades, status disagreements, phone call hold times, and changes fees.

The American Airlines Facebook page seems to be active and promotional in nature. They do have their "Message" button activated which may mean that you can contact them through a personal message, however, with a large following this could easily get lost in the shuffle.

American Airlines has a verified, company brand Twitter handle which is used occasionally for customer service issues, however, seems to direct more complex issues to their website. It is fairly active account with a large following.

The American Airlines Google+ page is similar to their Facebook page. It has a lot of promotions for partner airlines and current specials.

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Flight from Austin to NY (3/26/17)

Im extremely disappointed I this situation, and in a horrible position now thanks to American. My original flight from Austin to NY was canceled due to mechanical issues, I was put onto a 2 stop red eye to get home since I had business today. This was frustrating but I dealt with it, I even still paid the $25 baggage fee which was ridiculous. Now after flying all night with brief sleep I find my bag didnt make it. I went to the baggage center and was told it may have made it to the first stop I made but they aren't sure, I asked them to call that airport and was told no. I then pleaded with them that I needed the items in that (shoes, toiletries, razor, cologne, etc) for a client dinner tonight and was told sorry we cant help you. This is disgusting and ridiculous, as someone who flies 2-3 times a month I will never step foot on American Airlines again and will make sure my company does the same. #horriblecustomerservice #americanairlines #shouldhaveflowndelta  View Gripe »

Discrimination (3/15/17)

So I arrived an hour before my flight time with a bag I always carry on and never had problems with. When I go to security the lady tells me it's too big when I fit it the luggage sizer it fit. I'm then told I have to check the bag. Ok fine, except they tell me it's too late and then I am forced to miss my flight and pay an additional $100. Meanwhile, I had pointed out to the lady at the security check in that there were people in line with bigger bags than mine. Once inside, I see a guy with a much bigger bag similar to mine and he is carrying a large box. Why was he able to get on with it and not me? I am livid! American Airlines has now ruined an important part of my trip! I have to wait over 5 hours at the airport for the next flight! I should have been able to get on my flight with no problem. Attached is the photo of the guy and his bigger backpack carry on. I think from now on, I am going with another airline. I'm outraged!  View Gripe »

Flight (9/20/16)

They kicked me off the plane  View Gripe »

Poor customer service and rude flight crew (6/19/16)

My Letter to VP of Flight Operations: "Hi Mr. Stone, Thank you for accepting my request. On Sunday June 12 I was scheduled to fly out of DFW to RDU at 6:30 PM. DFW had canceled several flights to to sever weather. I understand that, but what happened afterwards has left me wondering if I should book future flights with AA. After arriving in DFW , I immediately located a boarding agent and requested a seat on the next flight to RDU. She took my ID an issues me a boarding pass. I was a little surprised but didn't think much of it. After boarding the plane I was informed that there was a mistake and I was issues the wrong boarding pass. It had another passenger's name on it. I was asked to leave the plane and I politely told them that I was not leaving the flight because it was American's mistake. The captain said "Well we can do this the easy way or the hard way, but you are exiting this plane". What upset me most was that they allowed several stand by passengers to stay on the flight an  View Gripe »

Airline (1/1/16)

Rem @American Airlines in Miami yelled @ me today & violated federal ADA law by asking for dr's note for my service dog. He humiliated & verbally abused me, a wheelchair bound passenger.  View Gripe »

Flight (12/27/15)

We paid well over 1,000 dollars for my family's tickets to EGE. Our flight was cancelled last night and they said to wait in the gate, and after 2 hours we went on a flight fracker and saw that it was cancelled. They also said they would reschedule it for the morning but that never happened so now we have to buy more tickets to get there. And now we might not get there because people apparently have a higher status even though we paid for first class tickets on our cancelled flight. This occurred at Dallas Fort Worth International airport at December 26, 2015 - December 27. We also had to pay for a hotel room on December 26 which the Airline should have obviously paid for.  View Gripe »

Airlines (12/22/15)

Flight cancelled due to weather. We had a wonderful manager that helped us, but in the end we had to rent a car, and drive 5 hours to get to a different city. I don't expect an apology, it was during hurricane Patricia, and we were trying to get on a cruise that was the following afternoon. What I'd hope is a partial refund or some sort of help with the rental car cost? At the very least an acknowledgement, and not a form letter. I fly regularly with American Airlines, yet I can't get anyone to do the minimal....  View Gripe »

flight attendant (12/2/15)

she took my lap top (Air Mac) from flight #aa782 while i was on the plane from the seat next to me when i boarded. i asked the the passengers next to me and was told they saw her take it to the cabin. I asked her to why she did that and responded with " i thought it was from the previous flight" AA is take is they are not responsible for missing items *their employee took the lap top* no one will call me from the AA customer service # its a lost case. i want the airline to take responsibility. The system is design so that customers give up and nothing is done. I had to cancel my returned flight and buy a new lap top for my business trip  View Gripe »

Inflight Movie Rental Problem (11/29/15)

Hello, on 11/29 I flew ORD-SFO and was on seat 14F. The device in front of me didn't work after I swiped my card; only played the advertisement than stopped. So I tried with a different movie only to have the same outcome. I need to be refunded for these two movies. As proof you can see the cards were swiped within 10 minutes of each other.  View Gripe »

Refund of Flight Fare (11/20/15)

Response to letter of October 31, 2015 regarding Flight Fare Overcharge under Ref:#1-4653147472.  View Gripe »