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Phone: 800-801-8880


American Auction Co.
951 West Watkins Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008
United States

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Category: Trade Shows & Fairs
Sub Category: Food Production
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Auction Service (12/12/16)

Don't bother complaining, the owner is going to jail for fraud because she is a thief. She's supposed to be sentenced in January according to her lawyer.  View Gripe »

Deposit Refund (6/7/16)

I want to get A hold of someone at Am auction Co to get my $200.00 deposit refunded. Have someone call me at 480-899-4595 , ,ASAP!!!!  View Gripe »

auctions (8/17/15)

location: 951 w Watkins Phx AZ This company misrepresented EVERTHING about selling the inventory of my decor, furniture store. 3600+ items. Bogus sales, destruction of my property, parts mission. Altered paperwork, Coercion (must sign release, not to sue) Theft of numerous items, not returned, not sold, not paid for. Coin collections, jewelry, store fixtures. antiques. $1000 pieces sold for $10. Antiques sold for $10. They claim 1000's of 'on-line' bidders. When I sent a letter to the owner to resolve this issue, I was ignored. For $93,000 of inventory I received a $625 check. They brag about having numerous locations , which probably serves as distribution points.  View Gripe »