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Assistant (12/31/16)

I think I have been  View Gripe »

Repair reimbursement (6/30/16)

American home shield has the worst customer service. Their system is set up so their customers can not speak with a manager who has the autonomy to resolve issues. They have placated me for 3 months and refuse to respond as well as failing to reimburse me $399 for an out of pocket repair. Their service is the worst I have experienced in my adult life. I  View Gripe »

5.6 Cu Ft Uline Stainless Steel Beverage Center Refrigerator (11/15/15)

RE AHS Contract # 159893082; AHS Claim reference # 338942522 Daniel Phelps 16981 rainbow ridge circle, Tyler, Tx 75707 this is a Bad Faith Issue by AHS dated 11/ 9/ 2015 A repair claim was made on 9/29/2015 , the refrigerator was picked up 10/1/15 by Shayne's A+ Appliance phone 903-431-4984. Shayne referred to the Uline as a refrigator. about 10/14/15, I called Shayne who related AHS had not got back with him on the parts. On 11/5/15 same as on 10/14/15, later on 11/5/15, A female AHS Rep called Shayne's and asked if another refrigator was in the kitchen, he affirmed there was and Rep declared the Uline was a "wine chiller". A AHS rep named "TOY" called me and said the Uline was a "wine chiller" even though he knew what it was actually. There is no where in Uline product description as a wine chiller The unit is at Shayne's. November 9, 2015 a letter of denial. Not Covered was issued to me. This is Bad Faith by AHS. What I am looking for is repair or compensation for…  View Gripe »

Home Heating (11/5/15)

I reside at 6635 Marbree Dr. in Sparks, NV 89436. I am a senior and a 70% disabled Vet, with my 15 yr son living with me. I haven't had any heat on the first floor of my two story FOR AT LEAST THE LAST FOUR DAYS Due the TO THE Shortcomings & INCOMPETENCE of AHS. To say that I have been inconvenienced, bounced around by their reps, supervisors, and contractors is an understatement! Their primary HVAC contractor states my four year home's HAVC does not have the capacity to efficiently heat my home; thus, they didn't fix my heating problem. When I requested an alternate contractor, a rep on Nov 2 stated that they had only the one contractor even though I stressed that contractor didn't want to do the work. I then had to demand a supervisor who calls a secondary contractor and supposedly set them up to call me about fixing the problem. Not hearing back from the secondary contractor with them telling me they didn't have time to fix the problem. Pls help!  View Gripe »

Service request (11/3/15)

Called in a service on broken washing machine. Took a week to fix. Kept calling about status. No reply, left message to talk to manager no call. Washing machine got fixed only to break again for the same reason. Tech won't call back because he didn't replace all the parts. Got hung up on by AHS. Tried calling 4 times about broken machine second time. As of right now machine broken 14 days don't have a clue as to when it will be fixed. Hate hate AHS. Will drop them very soon  View Gripe »

Home appliances insurance (8/22/15)

Refrigerator has had two visits for a leak, states a manufacturer defect, will not cover. AC unit needed to be replaced, 23 years old would not cover. They always bandaid the problem, & then wiggle out of of the the solution. They have no problem taking my annual check for their services???? Thank you Leslie O'CONNELLZWICKER my husband has the photos & is Oot!  View Gripe »

home warranty service (7/21/15)

I signed a contract with American Home Shield for insurance coverage of home appliances, etc. I have paid the monthly fee of $59.08 via automatic payment, without being late for or missing one payment since I signed the contract in January of 2014. My complaint is that I placed a request twice per contract agreement without any follow up from AHS or a hired professional. Each time I have called AHS I am on hold for 35-55min. I've demanded to speak with a manager and not allowed to, I've asked for calls from someone who can help me get my money back for services not rendered, again, no call back. I asked for services to be canceled and that was not done, in fact I was charged another months fee! I'm beyond frustrated for the poor service and feel that I should receive all of my money back (approx $1200-1300)for the months I have paid, I held up my end of the contract and they did not hold up theirs. I feel they have stolen from me with no intention of attempting to rectify the situation  View Gripe »


These people are a rip off, and have zero customer empathy or resolution of problems. I have a rental and the air went out, AHS was called and no one called tenant within the 24 required window. After 24 hours tenant phoned again and asked when air was going to be fixed. This is happening where the day highs were in triple digits 108-116. AHS was phoned again and said the order had been issued end of call. So I paid to have someone fix the problem. Four days after initial call the AC company just showed up at tenants door, no prior call or anything. The tenant told them it had been repaired. I had new service call on same property and was told I had to pay the $75 co pay even though the company they sent did nothing and on top of that they billed AHS for repairs they did not do. So I had to pay the $75 to get a new service request started and was told they would try to get to it in the next 48 hours. The person I spoke with did not offer any real help. Don't buy AHS.  View Gripe »

Water Heater (7/13/15)

Service tech came out on 06-16-20015 looked at hot water tank saw the issue and put in a claim form. He said call next Tuesday and they should tell you how long it will be. I called and no one will answer my call. I was greeted with advertisement and music for 30 minutes and no one never answer the phone. Prior to this call I did get a call from a representative telling me I need to pay$400.00 for a new pan under the hot water tank and disposal of tank and to put up new pipes for new water tank. I called to collaberate with them about the issue and I can not get no respond or no one to pick up the phone. Please acknowledge this request this company is taking people $75.00 and not serving the customers in agreement with the contract.  View Gripe »

Home Appliance Insuance (6/26/15)

I have been paying $50.38 cents for one year for a air conditioning system contract. The person comes out today 6/26/25 and tells me my system cannot be replaced because I need all these other things. That was not what I signed up for. I paid 124.00 when the person came out. I paid money and I still have nothing.  View Gripe »