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We purchased hearing aids for my 95 year old husband in November. We kept going back to have the adjusted until the warranty ran out, then we were stuck. What a racket!!

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hearing aids (9/29/15)

i was sold hearing aids and told the dr would make them right no matter what. I have made 4 trips to the office a drive of 55 miles and last time waited over 1 1/2 hours while other people with later appointments were taken ahead of me. The hearing aids cost $6900 and I was financed before I could leave the office with care credit and Wells Fargo and I feel like he was paid immediately that day probably. He said to me no refunds were available. I think this dr. Is a fast talker like a used care salesman ripping off the elderly. I know of no other medical office that will finance from their office. I am 94 years old please help me get this debt cancelled.

AccuQuest Hearing Centers
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