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Parking at Alamo Drafthouse is THE worst!! Expand the parking lot!!! Take the number of seats in tbe theayer and divide by two. That how many parking spaces you need!!!

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Don't Lose Items Here (1/1/17)

At the Kalamazoo Drafthouse, I lost some Christmas presents there. My fault. However, I am appalled at the service I got after I lost them. I left two messages for lost and found, no answer, even though a response was promised within 24 hours. I emailed. No response, even several days later. I facebook messaged and tweeted and I expect continued radio silence. And yes, I did visit the branch in person (despite this being rather difficult for me) and some employee just wrote down on her arm what I had lost and left, with no way to contact me if she found it. I'm glad I didn't leave a phone or something irreplaceable, because I seem to be the only one who cares!

Alamo Drafthouse
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