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Arrived at Applebees Restaurant in Highland Heights, KY at 8:15 PM on Saturday evening 2/4/2017. Send my daughter in to check the wait time, she came out the tell us 20 minutes which was fine. We got my wife into her wheelchair and went into the restaurant. A gentleman name Bob looked down at my wife in the wheelchair and said "we have a 45 minute wait". I ask what happen to the 20 minutes we were told and the couple just in front of us was told. Bob repeated it will be 45 minutes. I ask Bob if I could borrow a pen, he put his hand over his pocket and ask what for, I said to write down your and the hostesses name. He said no but I'll get you a manager. While waiting for the manager three young men came in and hostess Maydsen told them the wait was 20 to 30 minutes. Manager Christa came out and the situation was explained to her. She didn't deny that a handicapped person wasn't given a longer wait or that Bob was wrong in anyway. We promptly left the restaurant.

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Ignorant (2/3/17)

Sat at Applebee's for almost 30 minutes waiting to order food and no one came out to take my order. I drive for about 15 minutes to go to this place and I can't even order some food to go or even talk to anyone who works there. Is there something that can be done because it's not fair that I'm trying to buy an order to go and everyone is looking at me running around doing nothing. I walked in at 11 pm 2/2/17 and decided to leave at 11:39 from Applebee's in Monroe,La 71203 Near the Pecanland Mall

Service and food (2/19/17)

My daughter and I visited your Toledo/Alexis Rd location Saturday night. It took our server 10 minutes to greet us. We placed our order when we ordered our drinks because we had plenty of time to look over the menu before she even approached us. 45 minutes later we received our meal, mediocre at best, luke warm. Did not want to send back because it took us so long to get. I had the shrimp Thai salad and my daughter the boneless wings. Don't know what took so long, nor was it that busy. Very disappointed, probably won't go back. :(

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