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Rob accused my husband of eating his "first batch of fries" that he never got, then snapped at my mother-in-law when she said she was going to call corporate and complain and he said "I don't care!" That man is horrible at customer service and should find a different line of work.

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Video game chargers (3/17/17)

My husband played a game that was on the table and it was not very apparent that there was a $1.99 charge. It should be made more conspicuous. We were at the North Fort Myers Restaurant. Thank you, Angela

Table Top Ad/"Money Maker" (3/24/17)

Wait! My wife just showed this to me! The game that everyone plays while sitting at the table and is pushed by your wait staff…we get charged a fee for playing??? Are you crazy? First you inundate us with your ads for drinks and food every place we look! Your menus are as overbearing as your ads! Next you place this electronic gizmo on the table (that weighs a ton, btw) that has ads all over it! Your wait staff says, "you can pay there and play a game while you wait for your meals!" (Looking around every person under 50 had one in their faces!) When the game is done…the gizmo sits there with a pulsating red light saying "PLAY AGAIN, PLAY AGAIN, PLAY AGAIN!" Finally I turned the obnoxious thing face down on the table so we could have some peace! Had we known it was a $2 charge we wouldn't have played the first time - but we're suckers for trivia! After our meal, after paying You asked me on the electronic satisfaction survey (via the…

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