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Go through the drive thru at our local Arby's, I said 2 small number 8s, one with a dp, and one with a root beer. Then I asked if the #9 was the big beef n cheddar, he said no we have one bigger, he didn't know how much it was, said "it's like $1 or $2 more". I said no thanks, I'll just stick with the #9, medium, with a dp. He said so 2 number 9s, with a root beer? I repeated my order, he got it wrong, it took me saying it about 5x before he got it. (Ok, that happens, it is loud at drive thru). But then, I had also ordered a buffalo roast beef slider. I pull up, and he says they had to make my fries fresh, so I had to pull up, I asked for Arby's sauce before doing so. He brings my food out, no buffalo slider or sauce. I go back to drive thru, he says oh oops, you got rang up for a jalapeño slider, and wouldn't give me what I actually ordered. He made a mistake, and I had to pay for it. $24 and my order was wrong! Ohhh, and no cheese on 2 of the beef n cheddar sandwiches!!

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poor security procedures (3/20/17)

Went to the Cooper location south of I 20 Friday night. I say there and waited on my food and noticed the full cash drawer just sitting on the counter. So I decided since it sat there for over 5 minutes I would take a picture and share. The manager said he was too busy to properly store it. To me that's just being lazy and asking to get robbed .

Fish Sandwich (3/21/17)

Last year was a real piece of fish battered. Truly worth the drive. This year got minced (some kind of fish) breaded. YUK! I'm not going back!

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