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I have been given the run-around by Arhaus for weeks now. I was told initially that my dining room table and chairs would be ready within a week or two. It has now been eight weeks. Eight! They tried to deliver just a few chairs and the bottom of the table about three weeks ago. I declined that because I specifically asked them to deliver all furniture when ready. A few more weeks pass and I hear nothing from the company about my order. I call on Saturday to check on things as we've already paid half our order. The customer service rep puts me on hold and then hangs up on me. She never calls me back. I finally get ahold of someone else. They tell me table and chairs are in and can be delivered on Thursday. They send me a confirmation email and wouldn't you know, the table top is missing from the order. The customer service rep says she will check on this and will call me back. That was seven hours ago and I still haven't heard anything. This is terrible service!!!!

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Warranty/Customer Service (1/13/17)

No regard for customer service! The concierge is so wrapped up in what policy is written in front of them and they have no decision rights to address creative customer service issues. I wanted to give Arhaus MORE money as part of a worry free exchange and they could not get past their paperwork to figure it out. I was passed off to multiple reps and managers all saying they can't imagine why they shouldn't be able to do this "let us get back to you" and then never get a call back. Enrico the manager at concierge services would not assist and had 4 reps in his group promise to help and then never call back or follow up. I would not recommend Arhaus to anyone who wants to invest in furniture pieces and expects a level of service around their purchases.

Furniture and Bedding (2/21/17)

Extremely poor communication regarding re-stocking fee-NOT TOLD amd VERY mean to me with regard to this. My items were shipped to the distribution center prior to my paying my balance. As I was considering dropping some items from my order, the salesperson told me "no worries", they can be picked up if you don't want them. Nothing was told that there would be a pick up fee or a restocking fee. At this point, I do not have ANY of the items and was holding off due to flooding in my home and surgery planned for this Friday. Now, I wanted to cancel some items and am only NOW told about the re-stocking fee and they are citing my paperwork. I feel that I should have been told about this verbally and also reminded as I questioned certain items in the order so I would be aware of the danger of receiving anything I did not want. I feel that the store manager in Raleigh was cold and mean and the concierge was coached by the store manager and was condescending and cold and could care…

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Arhaus Furniture
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