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My husband worked for this company for 2yrs, never made what the company advertises on their trailers and stuck around when there wasn't loads and the main boss told him to have faith in him so my husband did.We struggled through all of that for another year,finally my husband quit 45 days ago and his escrow was suppose to be in our account today and of course it's not,now they are saying fuel wasn't accounted for that took all his escrow after he quit but never heard anything about it while he worked there,anything my husband owed was paid back,everytime he owed something and made his last payment my husband would say I don't owe you guys anynore,and they would say no your all paid up, but now since he quit he owes,how convenient for Arrow Critical to keep my husbands escrow find anyway to keep the money,stuck it out for 2yrs not making diddly squat for them to keep my husbands escow when he didn't make enough in the first place.

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expediting trucking (8/28/15)

I as a owner operator was leased to this carrier for 7 months and gave 2 week notice . They kept my last settlement for unpaid repair bill i agreed i owed , but they was supposed to return my $1500 escrow account in 45 days under federal law, its been 66 days and still have not got my escrow money back

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Arrow Critical Supply Solutions, Inc.
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