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Hello Bolo (2/11/17)

I went to buy this card today and the guy at the store even recommended not to buy the hello bolo card. LOL its funny because he was bad mouthing the company when he works for them haha. He told me to try this card called Raaza. So far so good. Raaza 10/10 Hello Bolo Negative 0/10

Umesh you pundai low life (2/15/17)

this msg is 4 all da ppl read in this negative comments. these comments are from a pundai dickhead named umesh who got fired for been a stalker rapist and obsessed with babatel low life who cant get over da fact that nobody likes him. umesh y is it so hard 4 u to move da fuk on from babatel. U obviously got fired becuz u needed psychological help. im glad this is out in da clear 4 da poor ppl readin nasty comments. umesh u need to find a hobby and get off babatels balls.

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