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how he will say to me like that (3/14/17)

i called the csr to inquire about the home phone and the man i spoke to was being so rude to me he is always rude to me and said the bad word to me does he know who i am back home im queen of every one there ok stoopid i will tell my husband when he comes home to call and do some thing to that man or i will make the duaa and pray stoopid guy

horrible experience (3/16/17)

I had a horrible experience with this company. I went and bought the modem and scheduled the installation, the date came and they stood me up! I called and they rebooked my appointment for 3 weeks later! and guess what? They stood me up again, no call afterwards or anything. I then proceeded to ask for a refund, it has been 9 months and nothing, I am stuck with a modem I dont need and they pocketed my installation fee. Stay away from this company.

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