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Been with the company for a while, has a good price for the homephone with good quality. Recommended to my friends. Thx

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excellent service but lol (3/17/17)

I came to get my new modem from the head office, and was just dumbfounded to see how much the supervisor resembled Mr. Clean. Good & honest gentleman.


Let me start of by saying, DO NOT TRUST BABATEL. I worked for this company for 3 days. It was an absolute nightmare. I was trained to lie to all the customers about the rates. I was told to tell customers a low rate over the phone but then the customer gets charged a higher rate when making a long distance call and when they call back we would just say "the rates change with out notice". Sometimes I was forced to tell the customers that our system is down and I can not tell the rate even though our system wasn't down. This business has taught every employee there to lie to the customers. On weekdays there is only 4 people that work there and after 5:00 pm there is only 1 person there answering all the calls. On weekends there is only 2 people working there answering the calls. If for some odd reason the customer service lines get busy now you know why, don't even bother waiting on the line.

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