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i am so utterly frustrated, i have been trying to get a hold of customer service about a transaction that was done on my credit card for $200 that i do not recall. When ever i call i always get some person that doesn't even know how to speak english properly like what the hell? Then when i actually manage to get some one that knows how to speak english the person acts like they are retarded in the head repeating the same shit over and over again like they are handicapped or some thing. Seriously im filing a complain on this company for fraudulent activity on my credit card. I told them many times to remove my credit card but they don't listen. - Zachary

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money stealer (2/3/17)

Hi you stealing my moneys bloody cheaters why the hell you taking the money when i not using this. Bloody buggers give my hard earned money or i will report you to the business bureau. I not going to use you any more i go back to lycatalk

PERFECT (2/5/17)

Very good service, using since long time, never any problem, spee very good, also Stable. Technical support and customer service very good.

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