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I have been a Babatel client for 1 month, i noticed my rates to Brazil were sky rocketing through the roof. When i called, they told me that i was on a new customer rate before & now im on the existing customer rates. I was fine with that, but my question was how can i get the new customer rates? The man said "the only way to get the new customer rates is to be a Muslim" WHAT THE HECK? how are these people getting away with this crap? do you guys ask your employees to be Muslims also? or do you only hire people that are willing to tolerate this crap? like what the heck. Some one has to really show these guys whats good and what Canada is all about. Oh and if you haven't already figured it out im not using this service and neither should other people.

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Customer Service Department (3/18/17)

We appreciate your feedback and value your time. Being honest and truthfull we can only say THANK YOU!

Customer Service Department (3/18/17)

We would like to apologize for your experience with Babatel Digital Telecom Inc. We do take our customers very seriously and we value your loyalty and time. After careful review of the employment standards rules & regulations we have deemed it is appropriate for our employees to give customers a better rate if they are Muslim. We do also allow discrimination & harassment towards non Muslims. If you don't feel this is fair, feel free to take matters in to your own hands. Our employees at Babatel are like family. Thank you for being a valued Babatel customer, we wish you the best in all future endeavors.

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