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These people had an advert for 'Free Trial', I applied..... got a pot of cream and tube of eye serum plus two sachets!!! Thought what a brilliant trial!! WRONG.... tucked away on the advert in small print, evidently was something to say they would take money from my account (you had to give them bank details!! should have smelt a rat!) When I checked my bank account, this free trial had cost me £4.95 (postage insurance!) and £78.49 for cream plus £28.71 for the serum, which they would not take back.... There said they would repay the £78.49 cream in two instalments, one before posting and second half once cream had been received... Sent cream back with appropriate return form WITH THEIR RETURN NUMBER etc., emailed them proof of postage (Royal Mail) ..... now they say they have no record of my account... even though they have paid half money into my account..... LESSON TO BE LEARNT ... DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY .... THEY DO NOT TELL THE TRUTH AND YOU WILL LOSE MONEY .... I HAVE, DESPITE SENDING THEM SEVERAL EMAILS WITH POSTAGE INFORMATION ETC.

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dermagen iq (1/24/17)

only wanted free samples to try tried to cancel both items seems to have failed .i just want my money back plus means to return items at no cost to myself

Dermagagen iq (2/26/17)

Would like to cancel this how do I do this u have taken money from me witch I never got any items at all off u and now notice there's 78 takon out of my bank I am a lone parent and can't afford this

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Beauty & Truth
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