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4940 Leopard st......female name tag started with letters mel couldn't catch the rest of her name she walked away in a hurry while laughing shaking her head when i asked her "could u please get some crackers" the person eating with me even noticed her attitude. She had someone elese bring me the crackers. Wow! I will not eat there again.

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Fish meal (12/2/16)

Several times I have been to this business and each time I have had difficulty with my order. Most of the errors have been minor i.e. Giving me the wrong order, not telling me that the fish would be 10min to cook, not a complete order. But this time my fish sandwich was not cooked all the way.. So I had raw fish in the middle of my sandwich, while I do enjoy sushi at times this was not one of those times.. I called the store immediately and talked to the "manager " she stated to bring the fish back and would take care of "it". Well, I ordered the drive through for a reason ( I have class) I told her that and she said to come back later which I did but the now male "manager " ignored me at first then when I showed him my sandwich did not seem to concerned with my situation. You could clearly see the raw fish portion inside of the fish strip. I don't understand his indifferent attitude. While their tea was wonderful I will not be returning for any more sushi...

customer service (3/22/17)

I have emailed the main ofc. in San Antonio several time and truly feel like I have been brushed off. I felt like my family and I were being abused by one of their higher ups. He was belittling a employee yelling threating and pointing the finger in her face. Poor lady was crying and he still was carrying on. I felt like he was in a rage and didn't care if we were even there. The main ofc. is just brushing me off. I feel like they should care about the customers being mentally abused while trying to dine out. This is the one on George in San Antonio Tx.

Bill Miller BBQ
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