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not so much a gripe/thought I was ordering the above Blue Biotics, when arrived the probiotic is Ultimate Care. What happened to the probiotic in the dark blue container?

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Sell probiotics on line (1/11/16)

I ordered 3 bottles of their probiotics back in November 2015, for $95. They took the payment and to this day still have not sent me out the product or a refund. They disconnected their phone number. I have sent several e mails in which they sometimes get back to me a week or so later stating my product is in que to ship out by weeks end and never does. Last e mail I sent on January 2nd I still have to hear back from them. I sent out new emails today too. I checked their web site on line and they are still selling their product so I beleive if anyone orders they will also be out money wi no product. Very bad business ethics!

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