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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - Recent visit to your Time Square restaurant  Gripe Having eaten in your London restaurant we were keen to visit your NYC restaurant on our recent trip. However in returning & checking my bank balance I am annoyed & deeply upset that our server - Hunter 8, has taken it upon her self to steel money from our account! Unfortunately we found she lacked customer care skills - not bothering to interact with us at all unlike other servers who were doing trivia quizzes with their customers, we weren't asked if we'd like extra drinks, the bill was brought before we were asked if we'd like dessert & were not offered the choice of taking the huge amount of uneaten dessert home once ordered. As a result of our poor service my husband paid the bill $118.72 on his card & left a $15 cash tip as a courtesy gesture. However on checking our account I am horrified to see $142.46 has been taken. Surely this is not common practice for your business! I would appreciate it if you could contact me on tamarapullan@gmail.com to discuss further.

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Gatlinburg TN37738 (8/21/16)

Visited the restraint last night and just as we finnished our meal we where given the bill without being offered and deserts or more drinks I had to ask 6 times for another beer which when I was there because it was my 50th birthday not a good experance and to top it of the staff started cleaning the restraint away at 1015 pm dropping plates paper towel rolls on the flour fighting with a table that she had slammed into the booth twice yet again dropping the contents to the flour and again all she did was pick them up and reset the table with them while swearing and cursing all the time, she then used the same cloth that she had wiped the seats with to clean the plates so what a way to celebrate your 50th birthday they killed the night still didn't get desert came away unhappy so how are babb gump going to make things right My email is karenlbaugh@hotmail.com

Restaurant Experience - Universal Studios Orlando (4/18/17)

We had shocking meal today - table for 10 in the name of Chris at 5:30pm. We ordered Garlic Bread and main meals only. Despite the restaurant being quiet our main meals arrived after 55 mins. The waitress had filled the time with a quiz and apologised for the delay but 55 minutes with children was too long! When the meals arrived they were all cold. We sent 5 of the adult meals back, my dad (a diabetic) and my 2 teenage children wanted to eat their's as they were hungry and the 2 small children ate them cold. When the 5 adult meals were replaced the shrimps and chips and steaks were still cold on all the meals, however we ate them as we could not wait any longer. The manager came to the table and we explained that they were still cold. He said they were hot when they left the kitchen...an unbelievable comment! Are we lying? I spoke to the manager he said he had taken $100 off and I should be happy. The bill was $300. I asked for head office number and he gave me his number!…

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Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.
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